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9 Tips for an Effective Flash Banner Design

Without marketing and promotion it's very tough to make any business successful. If you have recently launched a website, then you should start promoting it to attract the online traffic. There are several medium for online promotion such as social media advertisements and newsletters, but if you want to give your website a maximum exposure, Flash banner is your best option. Great Flash banner design can successfully grab the web users' attention and direct them towards your site.

You can design an effective Flash banner advertisement by using interactive elements, music and animation. However, if the banner ad is not properly designed it can have a negative impact on your business as well. If you want to use Flash banner for your business website's online promotion then here are some helpful Flash banner designing tips for you.

  1. Keep the File Size Small- You must design a lightweight Flash banner for faster loading. Some of your target audience may use low speed internet connection and if the banner ad is too heavy, they will skip it. For instance, you may think that audio effects can be helpful to capture your target audience's attention, but make sure that it does not increase the file size too much.
  2. Use Readable Fonts- Flash banners generally contain less text content than other types of ads. However, whatever text content you use in your banner, the viewers must not face any difficulty to read it. Use standard fonts like Ariel or Times New Roman and make the font size large enough to offer great readability.
  3. Fit the Browser Window- Computer monitors have become larger after the invention of LCD and LED, and different people uses different monitor size. Your Flash banner should be flexible enough to fit various monitors and convey the message successfully.
  4. Add the Basic Elements- You are designing the banner to promote your company. Do not forget to add your company's name and logo in your banner advertisement. You should also link the images in your Flash banner with your site. Unless you feature your name and logo, viewers will not remember your name.
  5. Animation Should Be Short- Web users have less attention span than print media users. If you create a 2 minute long animation in your banner ad, they will not see it till the end. You have to give your main message within 30 seconds through the animation.
  6. Catch Line- Write an attention grabbing catch line to draw the viewers attention. Instead of long text, you can write "Looking for a great web design?" Egypt "Enjoy the luxury of 5 star hotels at flat 30% discount" to make people interested in your website and increase the number of visitors.
  7. Give a Call-to- Action Button- Flash banner without call-to-action button is like a car without a steering. When your target audience will see your advertisement, they would like to know more about you company or avail the discount you are offering. However, if you do not give a call-to-action button, your website's conversion rate will never increase. When you write "20% discount on books" in your banner, give a "click here now" button next to it, to direct the users towards your site.
  8. Match the Design with the Landing Page- You should match your Flash design with the landing page design. When your customers will click on the call-to-action button and visit your site, the resemblance in design will assure them that they have come to the right place.
  9. Place the Advertisement Carefully- You can use the Flash banner advertisement in various sites to promote your business. However, make sure that your banner is placed properly in those websites. If the advertisement disturbs the viewers, they will simply close it without reading the content.

Follow the aforementioned tips to design a Flash banner. If you add all the necessary elements and place the banner ad in a number of websites, web users will soon start visiting your site regularly.

Source by Debjani Sinha Roy

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