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Advanced Task Manager to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Advanced Task Manager was designed for android phone to end tasks, kill processes, stop services from running, allow or disable programs in boot list, remove installed apps and view system information in one button click to free up space in memory, speed up your phone and saving battery. Once there are too many tasks running in foreground and background, it slows down your phone, drains your battery even causes some unexpected incidents to bring you a lot of inconvenience. I believe many of android users have suffered this kind of unwanted situations. So installing Advanced Task Manager (ATM)would be one of the easiest and quickest solutions for it.

ATM provides users with the abilities to manage tasks, processes and services that are running in foreground and background. Besides the option to prevent these items from running, it also gives you more operations, including, end the selected item or all items by a click, add the selected item to Exclude List, and remove it from Exclude List (if it has been added to Exclude List).ATM gives you an option to exclude certain programs that the widget cannot end. Exclude List is a list for displaying all the protected items, which can’t be ended, stopped or killed if they are added to Exclude List. As a result, it prevents some accident ended-operations, which may cause some unexpectedly problems. It turns red once it is added to Exclude List to help you distinguish from others. Advanced Task Manager also enables you to select auto-end feature. Once you activate auto-end feature, this app ends some items according the mode (namely, safe mode and crazy mode) chosen by users to increase phone’s available memories when your home screen is closed.

I believe sometimes you are impatient when it takes you too long to do other operations before all the items in boot list finishing start-up. I have the same experience, too. It is because too items in your boost list to slow your phone’s speed. ATM gives you an option to manage your boot list. It lists all the items that start along with the system, you have the options to allow or forbid the items in the list. You can choose a delayed time; those forbidden items will end automatically once the delayed time is up after the system is finished start-up.

With Advanced Task Manager, you also can easily uninstall your apps instead uninstalling them by another uninstaller or in Menu. You have an option to uninstall selected items or all items. But it enables “uninstall all” as you have to uninstall them one by one. This feature also can help you avoid the troubles of accidentally uninstalling all apps.

ATM offers a clear and nice summary about system information; including, CPU usage, memory usage and SD card usage and battery usage.

Some more features:

1. Advanced Task Manager is run automatically once the system starts up;

2. Its widget shows in home screen for you to easily access the app at any time, read system info and kill all currently running items by simply clicking a button on the right side of the widget.

3. Its icon is shown in the Statue Bar;

4. To show up the Help Box or not.


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