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May 9, 2019
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Alureon Removal Tool – Removing The Alureon Virus

The Alureon rootkit virus is one of the nastiest that anyone has seen in ages. It tags along with a simple printer process driver, completely undetected by your anti virus software and Windows alike.

Once on your system, there is no chance of your virus protection program being able to help you clean it of your system.

The only real way to remove the redirect virus is to do so manually. You can use a series of tools that will help in combination with each other, but first it’s important that you take certain precautions.

Do not continue to search for websites too often. It’s one thing to look into this problem using Google, but beware of any strange listings that might show up. Even if a website appears to have a relevant name, just look at the url and if it looks long and strung with odd looking characters, refrain from clicking on it.

You may also notice that your desktop background will change, and the worst part is that some helpful programs that you may download to take care of the redirect virus will not be able to open or install, which is why this really is a step by step process.

Your installer will tell you that it is corrupted, and this virus can get worse. It is the work of hateful internet criminals, and TDSS Root Kit virus is one of the most vicious that anti virus companies have seen in years.

The Alureon virus is so well crafted that it hides itself quite effective from your anti virus removal programs. It does this be showing your protection software that the tag along driver is normal, when really it is not. It then encrypts itself from further detection. Once on your computer system, it will infect your deepest level system files and alter the communication with your hard drive, creating even more problems and an almost non responsive PC.

Then, to make matters scarier, it makes it so that other types of infections can come aboard without being detected, and creates a little sanctuary deep in your computer that they can all hide out in.


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