Artful Afternoons and Public Parking – Chicago’s Culture is Only a Short Distance Away

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Artful Afternoons and Public Parking – Chicago’s Culture is Only a Short Distance Away

Taking advantage of city of Chicago parking makes it easy to experience the history, art, and culture of this great city. There are several different galleries and museums throughout the area. With public parking, Chicago’s Jewish families, fine art, decorative items, and broadcasting are all available for you to explore at will.

Spertus — Chicago’s Jewish Archives

This is a popular local spot for those tracing their family roots. Being close to city of Chicago parking, the archives are the perfect opportunity to learn about the Jewish people who settled in the area and made a home here. The Spertus is famous for its collections of synagogue records, family papers, and organizational records. Visitors to the city will be particularly interested in their more than 300 oral history collections that are accompanied by an extensive collection of photographs. You can hear the stories of these great pioneers and see what life was like first hand.

The Art Institute Of Chicago

Also close to public parking, Chicago’s Art Institute is a stunning and unforgettable collection of world art and culture. There are more than 14 different themes to explore. Spend time exploring the architecture of the world and then you can have a peek at life during the Renaissance with the Arms, Armor, and Medieval collection. Then delve into the world of modern art with their contemporary and photography displays, ending up in their collection of textiles and Thorne miniature rooms. In essence, you can travel the entire globe, jumping through time, and still leave your vehicle in city of Chicago parking.

Illinois State Museum

The Illinois State Museum is close to city of Chicago parking as well. They have a wealth of fine art and decorative items to explore. Toys, games, furniture, ceramics, and Orozco dolls are just a few of the items visitors are fascinated with. They have an impressive collection of Amish Quilts made by women from the local area in the 19th and 20th centuries along with photographs by Frank Sardorus, beads, and paperweights that aren’t what you might expect. When you get tired of looking around, they hold informational sessions, classes, and activities for visitors of all ages. If you fall in love with Illinois’ culture and art, they have artwork and other items available for sale.

The Museum Of Broadcast Communications

With convenient public parking, Chicago visitors of all ages will love this museum. Everything from the early days of radio to modern day television shows like “The Simpsons” are covered here. The Radio Hall of Fame features some of the most influential people in modern day. For TV lovers, the Encyclopedia of Television will not disappoint. They also have an extensive collection of archives that give older visitors a trip down memory lane and show younger ones that movies weren’t always color and on demand.

When it comes to public parking, Chicago visitors are placed right in the middle of the city’s hot spots. Culture, history, and art of all kinds are available to make for an entertaining and enlightening day. To save the hassle, use city of Chicago parking and see them all.

Source by Chris A. Harmen

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