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May 9, 2019
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Belief Buster Kit – Product Review

Created by Aine Belton in early 2008, Belief Buster Kit is a downloadable information product consisting of a 102 page PDF file, a 20 minute guided visualization MP3, and a series of decent bonuses.

The goal of the Believe Buster Kit is to help you identify limiting beliefs and replace them with more supportive, and powering ones. It attempts to do this through instruction and a series of exercises.

So, does it succeed?

My opinion is that it does, nearly completely — with this caveat: you are highly unlikely to get any lasting benefit unless you actually follow the exercises and listen to the guided visualization.

Here’s where you can find full details on the Belief Buster Kit.

Part 1 takes 17 pages to provide a good background of what beliefs are how you get them and how to bust through them. My opinion is that this could have been better distilled down to about half that.

Part 2 explores ways to identify your limiting beliefs and helps you become conscious of what you would like to change. It covers the major categories of beliefs and offers 11 exercises to help you integrate the material in this section. You will probably find yourself resisting many of the exercises. Beliefs are highly emotional and we typically get very defensive when anything attempts to shake them loose. I strongly suggest, however, that you push through that resistance and complete each exercise, diligently. I would have preferred to have seen the exercises presented in a numerical list, rather than in paragraph form. But this is a minor quibble. 22 pages.

Part 3 is fascinating. It actually presents ways for you to harness your blockages, that is things that get in the way of your accomplishing what you desire. It helps you identify related limiting beliefs and patterns and actually convert them into powerful support systems. 19 pages.

Part 4 teaches you how to replace the old beliefs with new empowering ones that are better aligned with your goals and desires. This short section is critical. It’s not enough to remove unsupported beliefs. You absolutely must replace them with better ones. The guided visualization MP3 does a very good job with this part. 4 pages.

Part 5 presents 9 techniques for strengthening those new beliefs in your daily life. This seems so closely related to part four that I actually feel they could have been combined. Everything I said about parts 2 and 4 applies, here, too. 13 pages.

Part 6 offers tips for creating a paradigm shift. While I agree with the value of creating paradigm shifts, I don’t feel this section adequately addresses it. But, it does provide a nice overview and introduction to the idea. I think you’ll want to look elsewhere if you want help in creating a paradigm shift in your own life. 9 pages.

Part 7 is probably my least favorite section, but I can see others liking it well enough. It talks about creating a spiritual connection between you and your higher self. It’s not that I am not a spiritual person. I am. And, I believe in the concept of creating that connection. But, as in part 6, I think you’ll need to look elsewhere to really do much with this concept. 7 pages.

CONCLUSION: I highly recommend this product. It’s not perfect. But if you read the PDF, put time and energy into the exercises, and listen to the guided visualization on a regular basis, you will be shocked at the positive changes in your life. I don’t always like the WAY the author explains things, but in the end, it’s still very powerful stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

While I have minor quibbles with the PDF, I have no complaints, at all, with the MP3. It’s something you have to experience to appreciate. It’s pleasant and very powerful. And, at only 20 minutes, it’s easy to fit into your day. You can listen to for a quick break and finish feeling like you’ve a restful, rejuvenating nap. I believe it is highly effective in bypassing the conscious critic to communicate more directly with the subconscious mind. Still, the audio is not intended to be listened to, on its own. It will be most effective after you have read the PDF and follow the exercises.


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