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Browser Hijacker Tubby

Browser hijacker tubby is a pretty bad hijacker to have on your computer. Although tubby has been around a while it is not clearly known where it has come from. If you are not extremely proficient with your computer, this will be very hard to get rid of. The bad thing about tubby is that most malware and antivirus scanners cannot detect it. If by some chance you antivirus did detect it chances are it cannot remove it.

I believe tubby came from some program that is being shared across the internet. Browser hijacker tubby requires an administrator install it. So it may have been included in some other program that you have installed. This hijacker should not be taken lightly because it is known to install other malicious programs that can spy on your computer. If you cannot remove this yourself you will need to purchase some advanced software to make sure it has been removed from all of its locations.

I will give you a small guide to help you remove this yourself. If you have had browser hijacker tubby for a while, you will really want to inspect other areas of your computer.

You will need to go to and click on the button that says browse and find C:WINDOWSSystem32ws2_32.dll on your computer. This may be different depending on what operating system you are using. This will provide a log of everything that is running in your computer. If you know what to look for you will be able to see all the places Browser hijacker tubby has been installed into. If you are not sure how to do this or don’t really follow, I recommend that you buy a certain hijacker removal tool that can eliminate this threat.

Another free option to get rid of Browser hijacker tubby is to download a program called ComboFix.exe. You must download this to your desktop. Run the program like any other and let it do its magic. It will remove the basic hijacker, but in the client’s computer I was working on, it did not remove all the backups of the file that had been created. At this point I had to manually go in and delete the malicious files in safe mode. If you ran virsCAN you would be able to tell where all of the browser hijacker had embedded its self into.

This was one of the toughest hijackers I have ever had to remove. I see a lot more of them coming into the office. I have bought a tool that has helped me get rid of browser hijacker tubby. I normally wouldn’t mid manually getting rid of this hijacker, but it install so much junk into hidden areas it can be hard to find everything. The first time I removed this hijacker it took me over 4 hours to remove it. So, do yourself a favor and buy a good program to remove this hijacker and all the viruses that it installs in the background of your computer. Two thumbs down to browser hijacker tubby.


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