Cheap Wholesale Leather Products – How Drop Ship SaleHoo Suppliers Offer Cheap Wholesale Prices

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Cheap Wholesale Leather Products – How Drop Ship SaleHoo Suppliers Offer Cheap Wholesale Prices


Whenever one wears or uses any leather products, people would sigh, elegant. Leather shoes, bags, belts and wallets are expensive. Wholesale suppliers who are new in the business are careful in tagging their prices on the product. But suppliers who had been in the industry for a long time can consider offering cheap whole prices for their leather products as savings in favor of their customers.

Drop ship SaleHoo suppliers are always ready to provide their customers value added services. Quality of the product and pricing plus timely shipment are accorded to customers with total transparency. Their products conform to the quality of discerning markets worldwide because of their stringent quality standards. Quality inspection starts from raw materials to finish products.

Quality does not only apply to their products but also to its management. These suppliers believe that quality management is part of the business. Great profits are generated from sales to many customers. While not all customers are ordering in wholesale bulk products, all of them are satisfied with the services they get from the wholesale supplier. In return most orders are shipped free of charge.

Some of the leather products found in SaleHoo drop ship list includes products all made from genuine leather. Belts, shoes, handbags, saddles and many more are products that can be ordered by wholesale. Chemicals for leather industry are also included in the list of products in anticipation for those customers who may want to engage in leather production.

Apart from the wholesale prices given by suppliers, some still willingly give 10 percent discount. For a single order worth of $500 or more, additional 10 percent discount is given. A best customer discount is another type of discount which is added to the wholesale price of any leather merchandise.

Shipment of orders is done within three to five working days. Because of the bulk of customer purchases drop shipping SaleHoo suppliers do not hesitate to give cheap wholesale prices to their customers. Leather products are saleable items that customers, who are small business owners, could think of many ways on how to market their products in their community.


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