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Choosing a Wedding Photographer by a Wedding Photographer

After all of the months and months of planning, the big day finally arrived. Full of excitement and joy, it came and went. What I did not realize is that even though I was the bride, I had still missed parts of my wedding. I was working on a tight budget and decided to not hire someone to shoot my wedding. A friend offered to take my bridal portraits and to photograph all of the big moments – the receiving line, the wedding party photos, the first dance, us cutting and eating our cake, etc. It all appeared to be perfect. It was not until I received the photos that I realized that the friend did not take very good photos. She did not understand how to operate the camera anymore than to just point and click. She did not understand shutter speed or F stop. My photos and the opportunity to capture that memory for a lifetime were ruined.

So, how do you actually choose a photographer to shoot your wedding? Should you hire someone? Should you ask your friend / family member who will not change you to shoot the wedding?

Professional photographers know their equipment like a chef knows his / her kitchen. Their camera becomes the means by which they create what they see in their mind. Wedding photographers in particular specialize and have experience in knowing what to look for during your special day. Our job is to 'see your vision' and make it happen. We will capture the 'essence and feeling' not just the memory of your big day.

It can be a lot of fun looking for the right photographer and you can get a lot of great wedding ideas along the way. I would say that the first question I am usually asked is "how much do you charge?" Price is important, but most of us would not buy the cheapest dress, shoes, stylist, flowers, food, or venue. Instead, we look for things that we love or mean something to us and then ask how we can fit that into the budget.

Wedding photography is an intense job. It's high pressure with lots going on at once and no second chances. Once the wedding day has past, you will not be worried about the number of photos you've received for the money; you will be thinking about how much you love them. So as well as price, please choose your photographer based off quality, personality, experience, and reliability. Quality of shot is HUGE! Again you only get one change to photograph that moment. This is why we always have 2 photographers. If you do not feel comfortable with the photographer, will you look or act the best you can in front of the lens? Also, look at the photographer's style. Does their portfolio tell a story? Is it traditional with many formal poses? Is it more whimsical? Will the photographer allow creativity and try new things? You want the best photos possible – a photographer with a style that you love and a personality that makes you feel comfortable in front of their camera is sure to deliver the best finished product!

So if you are still looking, please give us a call or email. We are happy to meet you, talk about your wedding day dreams, and help you know exactly what you want! Happy hunting!

Source by Riley-Payton Andersson

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