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Choosing Dance Studio E-Commerce Software Is Critical


The trouble with running a dance studio, is your revenues are limited by time and space.

Sure, you can expand your space and offer more classes… but at the end of the day there are only so many optimal times when people attend dance classes.

As a business owner, you naturally want to increase revenues, without a ceiling, and do so with minimal effort and cost.

The solution is to sell goods AND services online.

In order to sell online, you need a website (which you probably have) and e-commerce software.

There is a huge dance population – but you can’t teach them all. In fact, you can only teach to people living in your area.

E-commerce gives you an opportunity to earn money from the GLOBAL dance community.

What types of goods and services can you sell?

  • Classes
  • Memberships
  • Dance Packages
  • Gift Cards
  • Dance clothing
  • Shoes
  • Equipment
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Digital Courses

But, you can’t sell any of this to the GLOBAL dance community without an e-commerce website.

Did you know there are websites that only sell dance products (physical and digital) and they make a fortune.

If you aren’t selling online, you’re missing out.

The key is getting the right e-commerce software for you.

1. Integration

Ideally, dance studio e-commerce software will integrate with your entire dance studio software platform. This way you need only manage one database of customers and students. From this central database, you can leverage your sales, marketing, student management, and of course do precision marketing.

You’ll also want to integrate with your dance studio services by being able to sell dance classes, courses, workshops, gift cards, memberships and more.

2. Credit Card Processing

The ideal dance studio e-commerce software will of course include credit card processing.

3. Easy Website Installation

Your e-commerce software must be very easy to incorporate into your website so you can have online store up and running in no time.

4. Online Class Registration

This is e-commerce, especially when you collect payment online. Think about how convenient this is for your students, and it saves you time.

Collateral Benefit of an E-commerce Dance Studio Store

When you build an online store with loads of products and services for sale, you’ll also create a lot of Web pages on your website. All this great content will build your site which will result in higher search engine rankings. The higher you rank, the more people searching online for a dance school will find you.

A little more about integration

The ideal e-commerce software will integrate with your entire dance studio software. This is crucial and the best solution is a software platform that is a comprehensive software service specifically designed for dance studios.


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