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Consumer Reviews Can Boost Your Sales


It is a common assumption that product reviews on a web store may decrease sales. But in practice, it is noticed that after implementing consumer reviews section, the sales exceeds remarkably. As there are too many brands for a single product type, choosing the best brand always happens to be difficult for a buyer who do not have sufficient knowledge about the product. Buyers want to know about the product in detail, such as its features, size, color and how it works. Many stores do not provide thorough product details and do not include consumer reviews & ratings in the website. It has been observed if you provide short description of the product, the buyers close the site and open another where he or she can get complete details and research on the product. A customer feels confidant when there is sufficient information about the product including consumer ratings and reviews. Implementation of product reviews can increase up to 30% of your sales.

Many merchants fear that what about if someone gives your product a bad review and ratings? There is a solution! Always sell good brands and offer reliable customer support and ship products on time and offer competitive prices. Do not over claim or use flowery wordings to describe your product. Do not mention the features that your product does not have. When customers order the products, they expect to have the same level of quality of the product as you have described. You must mention the expected date of delivery and shipping rates. Although your brand is good, delivery delay damage merchant’s credibility and destroys the good will. Most often, you may have heard people saying, the product itself was very good, but the merchant dispatched the item so late. I read a review that a father ordered a gaming pc for his kid and want to gift him on birthday but it was not delivered on expected delivery date, the customer was disappointed with the service. So be careful when describing your product and mentioning shipping date, do not use aggressive marketing and jargon words and always provide true information. If you do it, you can get hundreds of positive reviews and you can notice remarkable increase in your sales. Therefore, the assumption that product reviews can decrease sales is wrong. If you provide true details of the products and services you offer and if you describe the product in detail including its features, there is rarely a chance that you are given negative reviews.

According to a research, around 61% of people rely on consumer reviews before making buying decision. There are certain types of products on which people do want to read reviews before purchasing, such as if you are purchasing health & beauty products, pet supplies, home appliances, books and electronic items like camera, laptops, batteries, etc. Customers purchasing health related products always seems to be reluctant and want to read reviews that how it helped the previous buyers and what are their comments. Women do not like to compromise the integrity of their beauty and the quality and safety of beauty products. They want to read user comments before making a buying decision. Customers, who want to gift someone, want to read customer reviews before gifting the item to someone.


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