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Convert Website From PSD to XHTML


Give life to your willowy website by converting PSD into XHTML. The entire conversion process gets done in a very sophisticated manner. Simply by giving your PSD website design image, you can convert it into a fully optimized, accessible webpage with hand-coded table less xhtml and CSS layout techniques. And you turn out to be an online entrepreneur in this fast changing world. Now finding effective means of boosting your business becomes easier with psd to xhtml tutorial.

PSD to XHTML starts off with Photoshop Design (PSD) files. These files are generally prepared by web designers. The files contain pictures and a wide range of creativity, which are to be put on different websites. But lack of movement makes it look cold and unresponsive.

Then, XHTML comes up. It’s pretty handy in use. XHTML i.e., Extensible Hypertext Markup Language gives life to a website. Web designers apply different techniques for psd to xhtml coding. It includes tables of the design to code them accordingly. But these methods have become archaic.

Now, the PSD to XHTML software has made things quite simpler. Just in a few steps, PSD files are converted into XHTML. You can check out psd to xhtml tutorial as well.

You can find a PSD to XHTML Company who keeps a dedicated team of professionals. The lineup includes a support team, a QA team, a manager, a project chief. A sulk of developers is also deputed to handle clients.

Salient features:

• Hand coded XHTML Strict markup

• Semantic Markup used for SEO

• Clean W3C Valid XHTML / CSS

• Light-weight table less CSS layout

• Works with Google Chrome

• Easy to integrate with any CMS

• IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera friendly

Nowadays, Web designers use different engines to convert PSD into XHTML. They use Cube Cart, CMS Made Simple, Drupal, Joomla, X-Cart, Movable Type and WordPress.

PSD to XHTML does look a bit expensive, but it builds you a brand. If you want to convert PSD into XHTML, select any reliable PSD to XHTML service provider. They are widely available online as well as offline. We have a team of experienced designers and programmers who are happy to work with all xhtml projects, large or small. It will suit all budgets and technical needs. After all, your website tells what impact it leaves behind on your target audience.


Source by Carmen Richards

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