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May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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Discover The Magic of 3D Photo Crystal Laser Art

Creating Personalized Crystal Keepsake and Commemorative Items

Ever wondered how a photograph can be etched inside a 2D or 3D glass cube?

It all starts with a scanning device. Your photograph is numerized and then analyzed by the scanner. The information collected is subsequently used to construct digital internal engraving inside a crystal glass with a laser beam.


A 2D or 3D etched crystal beholding in its heart an eternal keepsake of memorable moments that can be cherished from one generation to the other!

They make great personalized photo gifts and to get your art gift ideas rolling, here are some examples of occasions to memorialize with truly cutting-edge green light laser technology:

Wedding party favors, anniversaries, graduations, family holidays, memorials, awards, Mother and Father’s day, Valentine’s Day, National Dog Day, Animals, Christmas, or any other favourite commemorative event photos of yours.

Your creativity can go wild here. Think outside the box: what about your long wanted favorite sport car? Imagine having a custom-made striking 3D photo crystal representing a Ferrari.

Keep it near your computer or bedroom night table, look at it each morning when you wake up, and each night before going to sleep.

See yourself driving the car. The image will slowly integrate your subconscious mind and act as a mind movie giving you much more possibilities of attracting that car to you…like magic!

Here’s another crystal design tip for a 3D Laser Photo Art:

Say you have an old country house in a remote area. You have spent many years of happiness in it and always loved the surroundings. But it gets more and more difficult to access it especially in the winter time. As no one is living there permanently, you decide to tear it down and sell the land. Before getting into action, take a picture of the old country house and get a 3D Laser Photo Crystal made from it. You now have an eternal keepsake to cherish the very fond memories it invokes.

I could go on with other examples, but I think you now see it through.

The Laser Cristal ordering process is very easy. Once you selected a crystal from the various shapes (tower,cube,heart,diamond,train or flat)& sizes offered by the merchant, upload your best picture and then place the order.

Et voilà!

Fast and easy.

Your custom-made crystal will make a unique and stylish addition to any collection of fine crystal and is sure to invoke stunning memories of special people and events, with beauty and classic elegance.

To watch videos and read more about perfect “coming from the heart” gift giving solutions, along with other ideas or memorabilia that 3d photos laser crystal frames techniques has to offer, simply click on the link below:

Source by Janice Dugas

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