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May 9, 2019
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eBay Listing Templates Can Easily Increase Auction Income


These days an increasing number of people are selling stuff at online auctions – especially on eBay. But even though professional eBay listing templates are used by a great number of eBay sellers, still many don’t grasp that eventually their online auction profit formula boils down to a number of marketing factors. eBay listing templates is one of them and can directly influence the shoppers’ buying decision.

Now imagine yourself browsing eBay listings and looking for a particular product to buy. You open one listing, and quickly scroll down to have a quick glimpse at the pictures and description. The majority of eBay shoppers search for products exactly this way and don’t spend too much time in one listing unless it catches their attention.

If the listing description spreads all across the Internet browser, it’s very difficult for a visitor’s eye to take in all the information. eBay listing templates come very handy with organizing the information and help the potential buyers to scan the description text. It’s been scientifically proven that a width of 500 pixels is the optimal one and professionally designed eBay listing templates are very close to this size.

Another factor that impacts eBay buyers’ decision apart from the price is the professionalism and good look of the listing. eBay listing templates can be created in many different colors, styles and techniques and eBay sellers can pick the ones matching the products best. This can create a good connection between the listing design and the buyer and increase the product’s selling conversion rate.

To make it easier for eBay sellers to understand, we can use the similarity between eBay listing templates and miniwebsite designs. The ever increasing number of people selling information products on the Internet have created a huge demand for such designs. Many of them use eBay as additional stream of income and just copy the website’s design into the eBay listing. Eventually the similarity between a sales page on the Internet and an eBay listing has become more and more obvious.

A logical question arises – where eBay sellers can get professionally designed eBay listing templates? Does eBay provide them or they have to order the design in other companies?

The best option these days is to go with a company that provides a good number of different templates. If the eBay seller plans selling only one product – the option of ordering one template can also be considered. However, since there are a few good companies offering high quality eBay listing templates for a reasonable membership price – it’s the best option for all eBay sellers.


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