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Enhance Good Chi – Feng Shui Your Dorm Room

A dorm room is different from your very own room in your house. In fact, many students compared their dorm room to a prison cell.

Since as a student, you will be spending a large block of your time in your dorm, it only makes sense to make it a livable place for yourself.

The flow of good chi should not only take place in our homes, but also in places where you are staying through college life and where you probably do the bulk of your studying. Thus, implementing the principles of feng shui in dorm rooms are just as good of an idea as implementing feng shui in our homes.

The tips I am going to share in this article will hopefully assist you in creating a feng shui dorm room makeover and enhance the flow of good chi for you.

Clean your dorm room. All areas in your room should be clean and free from clutter. Put all of your things in a designated place, and organize them. Open up your windows and let fresh air in to remove any bad energies anyone has left behind. Play music in the background and light some sage if you have some available and if it is allowed in your room.

If you are allowed to paint your room or put some accessories about, then do so. A feng shui dorm room makeover recommends the use of several principle colors.

For instance, green expanses prosperity, and personal growth. Red is for fame and reputation. Blue and black is for wisdom and career, and white is the color of intelligence and learning.

Refrain from using muted tones like brown or yellow as these kind of colors tend to slow you down. So you see, it is important to choose your colors wisely. If you are not allowed to paint your dorm room, then use the aforementioned colors in your accessories and in you wall hangings or art.

You can improve the chi in your dorm room, by ensuring that your headboard rests on the wall. If there are windows facing your bed, make sure to use heavy drapes to close it at night. Doing so will promote a good night's sleep … something which many students are badly in need of.

When doing feng shui dorm room makeover, it is also important to keep the good chi flowing.

Again, make sure that your room is clutter-free and organized. In college, your room also should be a suitable place for studying as well as for relaxing.

I hope that these tips will help you start thinking or even get you started in your new feng shui dorm room makeover. Happy decorating!


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