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How to Choose a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

The historical boundaries of Yorkshire see it being the largest county in the United Kingdom. Within its borders is a rich variety of countryside and beauty spots which all makes the White Rose county a great location for both weddings and wedding photographers.

Where you decide to have your pictures taken will obviously be down to where you are holding your wedding ceremony and reception. But having decided where you want to be married, the guest list and the thousand other things that are involved in the planning of a modern wedding day, the next thing on your list is to choose just who will be your wedding day photographer.

Once upon a time, a friend or relation with a camera would have sufficed when it came to having your wedding day photos taken. But, though your guests will still want to take their own pictures, more and more couples are choosing to hire professional photographers to take the pictures of their wedding day.

This makes a lot of sense as people are now spending more money to make their wedding day as lavish as possible. The wedding album is a permanent record of the big day, so it would make no sense at if the wedding album was not as beautiful as possible. A professional photographer will produce for you a wonderful album with exquisitely taken pictures which you will cherish forever.

There are many wedding photographers here in Yorkshire, so how do you go about choosing one to take pictures and produce an album for your big day?

The first port of call for many will be the Yorkshire Post newspaper. The Post is the only paper that covers the entire county although it does have different editions for the main parts of the region. The Post will often run special promotions featuring wedding photographers as well as hire cars, florists etc.

Another very obvious way to chose a photographer is to check out their ads in the local yellow pages. All main laboratories in the major cities carry all the local yellow pages. So, if you are in Leeds but planning a romantic wedding in York, the York yellow pages will be available from the central library in Leeds.

Of course every major town or city in the region will hold regular wedding fairs and those in York, Harrogate, Leeds and Sheffield are always well attended by photographers from around the region. And this is probably the best way to choose your Yorkshire wedding photographer as at a fair you actually get the chance to talk to the photographer and see his work. First impressions count for a lot and meeting several photographers in person before you select is a great way to be sure you have made the right choice.

If you can not make it to a wedding fair than the Internet is as good a place as any to begin your search. But, do not make your decision purely on how a photographers website looks. Select at least three that you are impressed with and talk to them on the phone or, preferably, meet them in person before choosing which photographer to hire.

One thing that can not be over emphasized ed is that not all wedding photographers are wedding day specialists. He or she may be excellent news, sport or landscape photographers, but weddings may not be their specialty. Obviously, if you want the best photographer for the big day, you need to find a one here in Yorkshire who specializes in wedding day photography.

The best way to check this out is by looking at a photographer's portfolio of work. This can be done by surfing the Internet and looking at the websites of photographers based in Yorkshire. Pay attention to the portfolio of wedding photographs and if you see one you like, he may be the one for you.

By taking the time to carefully search for your wedding photographer here in Yorkshire, you will own a beautiful album which will keep memories of your big day alive forever.

Source by Craig Ellyard

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