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How to Create Backgrounds for Pictures?

The quality of the picture taken does not only depend on the camera but also on the kind of background you use. Digital photography has come a long way. You can click as many pictures as you want and use those which are quality pictures.

When we take pictures we hardly think about the background but before we print it we would surely like to place the picture in the best background. Today, you also have the capability to change the backgrounds for pictures.

If you are not satisfied with the background in the picture then you can change it with the help of certain software. Previously if you had to change the backdrop you had to pay the photographer hundreds of dollars.

The internet has so many things to offer these days. To change the backgrounds for pictures you just need three steps. First you need to open the original photo, secondly, you need to remove the previous backdrop and thirdly, you need to insert the digital backdrop.

There are websites like,,, and which can help you with different series of backdrops for your pictures. These websites sell the tutorials along with the digital backdrops to help you change the backgrounds successfully.

You will find series like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, romance, flowers, disco, landscape, birthday and wedding. But to change the backgrounds for picture you need software like Photoshop or GIMP. Both these software programs are used to edit the graphics. Before you buy any background changing program from internet you should make sure that they offer either of these tools.

You need to learn how to use the software so that you can successfully change the background. If you find it easy to work with Photoshop then it is always better to go for the Photoshop version of the tutorial offered by the website.

But before you purchase any such program it is very important to make sure whether it is worth the money you pay. So the reviews about these websites are very important. You must also make sure that the website offers money back facility if you are not satisfied with the program.

You will take only 15 minutes or at the most half an hour to edit your photo with the help of these programs. To start with it, you need to connect the memory card of your camera to your computer and copy the pictures in a photo editing software.

The programs available on the website will give you instant access to all the series of backgrounds for pictures. The sizes of the backgrounds are 6000 by 4800 by default. The size can fit any picture easily. It might even be bigger than your picture. If it is bigger you need to edit some parts of the background also.

Digital photography has almost created a revolution in the photography industry. The readymade digital backgrounds can help you save lots of money which you had to pay to the photographer.


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