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How to Find Male Nude Models

Looking for a male nude model for your next project?

Here’s 15 quick tips:

1. Ask A Friend

You’ll have instant rapport. And everyone knows at least one exhibitionist.

2. Ask A Lover

You’ve already seen them nude. So you know their best angles.

3. Place An Ad In A Newspaper

Try a paper at a local university. Or better yet, on Craigslist. In the GIGS section you can try both the Talent and the Adult categories. Be specific about what you’re looking for. You don’t want to surprise them if they’re not comfortable modeling naked.

4. Post A Flyer At An Alternative Bookstore

If they sell erotica, you’ll have a receptive audience. Ask the cashier if you can leave a few flyers on the counter next to the cash register. Or post them on a bulletin board if they have one. (Or ask the cashier if he seems interested.)

For these next ideas, first create some simple business cards. And be sure to include your phone number. You can get free cards online from several companies. Carry them with you always. You never know when opportunity will strike.

5. Guys At Your Gym

Bodybuilders tend to be exhibitionists (duh!) But you don’t want to scare them off. It’s best to talk casually first. Ask about their weightlifting routine. Then ask if they ever get approached to model. You’ll get a good idea of their comfort level.

6. Locker Room At Swimming Pool

Attracts a different crowd than the gym. Especially good if you’re looking for guys with a leaner physique.

7. Modeling Agency

This is the most expensive method. But you’ll be able to choose from the cream of the crop. To save money, pick a smaller agency. And ask if they have male models just starting out who will work in exchange for prints for their portfolio. Just make sure they know up front this is a nude (but tasteful) modeling job. Nowadays, many male models are receptive to this.

8. Bus Stop

Seriously. Spotting guys on the streets is a great way to find talent. And if they’re at a bus stop, you have more of a captive audience. Plus it means they might not have a car, and need some extra cash. Just be sure you have a business card ready, so they don’t think you’re just trying to pick them up.

9. Nightclub

Nightclubs attract good looking confident guys! And after a few drinks, they’re in a fun mood. So give them your card in front of their friends. Tell them you’re scouting new models. It will be a big ego boost to them. And they just might call you the next day.

10. Male Escort

Some of them list themselves as models in their ads. And most of these ads leave little to the imagination. So you’ll get a good idea of what they look like up front. Just be sure to make it clear you’re hiring them for modeling, and nothing else.

11. Beach

Again, this is another place where you can see a guy’s body, and decide if he has potential. A nudist beach is even better.

12. Nudist Club

Join the club. Follow the rules (don’t be a pest.) But if guys see you naked too, you can create rapport. And casually mention you do photography. You’ll probably get guys to volunteer once word gets out.

13. Art Instructors

Talk to art teachers. Most have worked with nude figure models.

14. Local Actors

If you provide them a headshot in exchange for modeling, you can attract local actors. Just make sure they’re comfortable with nudity. And dedicate some time during your shoot to take some traditional portraits.

15. Sauna At YMCA

Sounds crazy, but this is where you’ll find the biggest exhibitionists of all. Just don’t let your card get soggy from all the steam.

Source by Wade Gregory

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