How To Increase Your Web Site Traffic And Online Sales With Out Any Marketing Or Advertising Cost

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How To Increase Your Web Site Traffic And Online Sales With Out Any Marketing Or Advertising Cost


The most commonly asked question in website marketing and search engine promotion field is How do I generate Guaranteed customers for my ebook / Product? Setting up a website for your Product would naturally require a lot of things like first thing is Hosting and domain registration, then Designing and development etc etc. after all these expenditure if you are not able to generate Guaranteed customer for your product all your efforts and money you spend on hosting and designing will be wasted.

To sell an ebook / product online, it’s really crucial to apply right selling Procedure to really transmit each and every small benefit that your ebook / product has got to convince the customer. It is not rare to see words like “incredible” and “fantastic” and something along those lines in actually smashing sales letters.

So what are those Zero cost methods of internet marketing and online advertising which generate sales and gives us Guaranteed web site traffic:

1 – Capitalize on online discussion boards and online communities of interests. The smashing thing about bulletin boards, discussion boards, online message boards and online communities of interests is that you can target a certain group that fits in the certain criteria that you’re searching.

You can talk about plenty of matters about the niche that you present or offer. Additionally another big advantage is that you know what you’re getting into and you’ll be ready. On online communities of interests and message boards you can build up a reputation for your organization. Show them your range of expertise about the subject, with that you can build up a reputation and build up faith and increase the amount of trust.

2 – Ezines Newsletters is another option for online adverting and internet marketing and one of the greatest invention in internet marketing strategy. Send Newsletter to peoples along with a catalogue of your products. If they like your newsletters or e-zines they’ll recommend it to other people and more people will sign up for your ezine and recommend it to more and more people.

That will generate and Increase your website traffic and generate Guaranteed sales. It is relatively a lot more easier to Start your own e-zine than you think. To publish your own paperless newsletter all you actually need are wealth of content, auto responder with broadcast feature, and a web site (which is optional).

There are many ways of low-cost online advertising and marketing with auto responders. Like for example, Some Internet marketing, advertising and traffic specialists write up a simple step-by-step instructional short course related to their product. And then they break it down 7 – 10 short messages set them up in an auto responder as e-mail messages, mentioning their website in it to invite Guaranteed website traffic.

Then they invite their website visitors to sign up for the free course which will be emailed to them via email on the regular basis. As people sign up, they’ll learn more about the products and services through the teaching series.

3 – Trading links with other websites is another Guaranteed way of online advertising which increase website traffic and generate online sales at zero cost. You do not have to spend a penny for your online advertising and website promotion campaign. All you’ve to do is reach an arrangement with some other webmaster.

Link exchange help both website mutually and put a great effect on web site traffic and improve & increase the search engine ranking. Link Building works great when both sites feature the same niche. So more you trade links with other website more traffic you will get.

4 – Compose / write articles that attracts people’s attention who have interest in your product. Write articles which provide more tips, knowledge, good service and guides to others would Increase your website traffic.

To submit your articles use web sites which offer free and Guaranteed submission and posting of your articles ( there are many websites out there on the internet where you can submit your articles for free – Guaranteed). Always try to include your web site hyperlink and if possible a little description about your company along with the article.

5 – Content is king and is the best ever online advertising and internet marketing way to increase your web site traffic and generate Guaranteed sales. So always try to write great content for your web site. A lot of search engines crawled the keywords and keyword phrases your web site uses and how they’re used.

It is not required that a content must be written by a pro content writer. You can also write quality content for your website using right keywords. With the right keywords, you can get top rankings in search engine results at zero cost.

All the above mentioned internet marketing strategy and techniques and more like viral internet marketing will generate more Guaranteed Web site Traffic for your site for free and it will generate and Increase your website sales without any internet marketing and online advertising cost.


Source by Kamran Minhas

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