How to Make Money Off a Blog With Videos Created Without a Camera

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May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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How to Make Money Off a Blog With Videos Created Without a Camera

Knowing how to make money off a blog requires learning how to use different techniques to make your page interesting. Content is still the main consideration but packaging the blog and the posts in it is just as essential. You have to make sure that you use relevant materials and interesting presentations.

Videos are very powerful multimedia content. However, there are several bloggers who hesitate to create a video post because they are unsure as to how they can come up with the content presentation. Some also has issues on which devices to use, mainly because they do not have an available camera. If you are also thinking along the same line, you may want to check out the following tips to ensure that you get to create a powerful video even without a camera:

1. Create videos with photos and typographies. A powerful video does not have to feature full motion scenes. It can also be composed of a series of photographs with creative typographies. If you do not have a camera ready to take motion clips to compile for a video, you can definitely research for photos and word arts in the Web. You may have seen these kinds of videos before, in YouTube and other hosting sites.

They are like automatic slideshows featuring photographs laid out in a manner strategic enough for it to be able to tell a story. These kinds of videos are often created with equally strong musical background to support the theme of the photos and words. What is just important is that you properly cite the reference or original website from which the photos and word arts within the video are pulled out. This would help eliminate cases of plagiarism and improper crediting.

2. Utilize available video-making platforms and software. Currently, there is an abundance of available platforms and software that enables you to create powerful videos even without raw motion clips captured from a camera. You can easily download any software from the Internet. Or, you have the very reliable albeit basic program that is PowerPoint. Through any of these platforms, you can upload readily-available video clips and sequences of photographs that you have gathered from all over the Web. Upon uploading, you can edit and enhance their quality to produce the kind of video you wish to come up with.

If you are learning how to make money off a blog, this can also be helpful because there are programs that allow easy posting of the videos on your site. As always, you have to remember to place proper credits on your videos especially if the clips and photos are owned by somebody else.

3. Use other video- and photo-capturing devices. Cameras are just one of the many devices you can use in shooting video clips for your blog or website. If you do not have an available camera, you can still proceed to creating a powerful video. At present, you can use other devices like smart phones, tablets, and even laptops.

There is also the webcam, which most desktop computers have. Smart phones and tablets are actually great alternatives because they can produce clips of really good qualities-almost as if the photo or video is taken through a camera. They can also be easily connected to laptops and computers on which you would edit the media to incorporate them into one powerful video.

Creating a powerful video does not really have to rely on how great your camera is. In fact, the gadget or device you would use should be the least of your worries. Even if you do not have an available camera, you have other gadgets to use. You can even resort to using already-existing and pre-owned media, as long as you credit them to the real owners.

At the end of the day, what is important is that your content achieves what the goal of the video is. Remember that when you are learning how to make money off a blog using multimedia, content is still of a greater consideration than the quality of the media. After all, your potential clients would not really appreciate your videos even if the quality is good when they cannot get any valuable and relevant information from it.


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