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How To Photograph Your Favorite Animals

People love different kinds of animals from the small ones to the big ones. Not only do they love to watch and touch these animals but many are also fond of taking photos of certain animals.

When it comes to taking pictures of animals, though, a lot of patience and perseverance is required. Keep in mind that whether it’s a dog, cat or bird that you’re trying to photograph, there will always be movements that are beyond your control. You will also need to understand their behavior so that you will know their possible reactions and anticipate the time for a good shoot.

When capturing images of animals, you can apply what you do when taking pictures of people. The principle is similar. You just have to know what you want to capture and the message you want to convey about a particular animal. So for example, you saw a cow and her calf sitting beside each other. You try to decide which angle to take your shot and at this instant, you should already have a message in mind as to what your photo should say about the two animals. You can eventually describe the photo as a mother and child moment or something to that effect.

Once you determine your concept of the image, you will then have to apply your knowledge regarding composition, lighting and angles. This will help you achieve your goal to capture a great scene.

Experienced photographers who specialize in animals would also tell you that patience is very important. They say it’s like engaging in a fishing hobby because you need to wait for a long time in order to catch the best fish. Remember we’re talking about animals who don’t think and act like humans do. They can be uncooperative at times and the worse is when they show their outrageous behavior at the time you’re about to photograph them.

But if you have patience and you know how to keep an animal still or calm, you will eventually succeed in achieving your goal. It’s like dealing with a toddler who can be restless and full of energy they can’t stay too long in one position.

Another tip that you can use is to practice. If you plan to take photos of animals in the wild, you can practice by taking pictures at the zoo. Study how they behave and react to people so that you will know what to expect from them. If no zoo is available, you can always go to a farm or ranch near your place. There, you can capture the movements of various animals such as the duck, cow, horse, sheep and dogs.

When outdoors, however, especially when you’re in the wild, always take extra precaution. Never risk your safety. You may be tempted to go near a wild animal but if possible, just stay in your car and take pictures there. Some animals may look friendly but beware, they can hurt or worse, kill you if you try to go near them and pet them.

Source by Kalyan Kumar

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