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How To Remove Moles With Guns, Knives, Fire and Ice

Anyone who has had to deal with an unusually large number of moles has probably thought about learning how to remove moles. This is especially true if the moles are of the raised variety, interfere with articles of clothing, or get in the way when shaving. However, before rushing in with a scalpel or homemade concoction with a blend of ingredients from both the garage and medicine cabinet, it’s important to pause and put things in perspective.

There’s a big difference between figuring out how to remove moles and how to remove something else, such as a wart. There is any number of over the counter products made available to the public to remove warts in the comfort of your own home. Just a quick trip to the local pharmacy and you’ll see that it’s far more than just a little bottle of weak acid. These days you can even get your hands on some low grade freezing products. By contrast, learning how to remove moles is something typically left up to doctors during their training in medical school.

But, even if learning how to remove moles is left to the doctors, there is still something important for you to learn. Even if you are not the one doing the procedure, there are nevertheless options available. So, for instance, you may want to do some background research into your choices so you can make an informed decision about what might best suit you. In actuality, knowing the type of procedure you might fancy is one of the driving factors for figuring out who you might want to have perform the act.

The best starting point, I believe, is to realize that there are essentially two categories of moles you might be dealing with on your body. For instance, you may have had a mole that was on your body at the time you were born. Otherwise, perhaps it showed up early on after having spent some time in the sun. These are the types of moles that really do not change much as time passes. And if this is all you have, then you may not even need to learn how to remove moles. At the other end of the spectrum, there are moles that may shift in appearance, whether changing in shape or color. This latter group is the batch of moles health care professionals like to keep and eye on. Sometimes they may even perform a biopsy to see if there is any malignancy in the mole.

When doctors learn how to remove moles, keep in mind that there are at least four different ways they may have been taught to do it. Rather than just choose any doctor that might choose any procedure, perhaps the one he’s familiar with, you can educate yourself. See, one possibility is excision, whereby the surgeon anesthetizes you, locally of course, and actually cuts out the mole with a knife and stitches you up as need be. Another alternative method is the use of cryotherapy, whereby, as with warts, the mole is frozen away using liquid nitrogen. Once frozen, the mole might have to be cut off with a knife.

While those are two popular choices, there are newer approaches that many prefer. One is to use a laser gun to remove the mole. A low intensity laser essentially burns off the mole. The downside to this is that it is a bit more of a surface technique that, say, cutting out the mole. Therefore, some of the moles with a deep “root” may come back. However, the moles removed by laser will usually heal quite nice. You may have a scab that forms, and then the wound progressively heals. Apart from lasers, there are also more natural approaches. Herbs have been used to try to remove moles and even some creams. The upshot is that there is a trend towards more natural interventions that you can look into if you lean that direction and want to learn how to remove moles without seeking medical help.


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