How To Start A Money Making Website – Make Hundreds Dollars Everyday

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How To Start A Money Making Website – Make Hundreds Dollars Everyday


Many have asked me, how to start a money making website? They believe it is scary and difficult to do. They could not be far from the truth. The internet business is a superb way for anyone with the basic knowledge of computers to make money. Running your online website will be easy since there are thousands of resources available on the net to help you on your journey to start a money making website. You just have to be dedicated and you will be successful.

Undoubtedly, starting a money making website involves you to understand the steps for creating a successful website. You have to understand each step to create successful money making website to ensure your success in the net. Often, beginners ignore reading and understanding each step completely. This usually causes these beginner entrepreneurs to fail because of their lack of learning the basic knowledge of making a successful website.

After finishing reading this article, you will fully understand the steps on how to start a money making website. Alright, enough with the introduction let’s get to the steps.

Choosing A Topic For Your Website

This is one of the first important steps for starting your money making website. Your website should be about one topic in order for it to be successful. For example, what do you think about the website It is a company that sole purpose is all about apple products, whether it is iPhones or iPods the site is still all pertain to apple products.

  • Follow your Interests– Write down any topics that really interest you, whether it is laptops or cats choose something that you will love to write about.
  • Follow the Market– If it is the new iPad or the new type clothing style, find what is people are searching for and choose one that you think best fits your interests. You can find what is hot or popular in the internet using either Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker Tool, which will give you all information of how many people are searching for that topic.

I recommend selecting a topic that you are interested but also have a demand in the market, which will make it easier for you to create content for your website and allow for better reading from your visitors.

Get A Domain Name & Hosting

Now, the second step for how to start a money making website is to get a domain name (what your website will be called) and a hosting plan (a place where you keep all your online website files). Your domain name is the most essential part because it allows users to visit your site that identifies your topic. Selecting a domain name is important but it should not be time-consuming. Just pick a name that is related to whatever topic you are choosing (like or etc…)

As a recommendation, I suggest you use HostGator, which offers domains and hosting services. HostGator has great prices for their hosting and domains plus their customer service is outstanding. For less $10.00 you can pick up your domain name and get a cheap but reliable hosting package.

Install WordPress

Today we see more blogs and website being created everyday with this blog platform famously known as WordPress. To put in simple terms, WordPress is a blogging platform that can be managed by anyone even for beginners. WordPress is known across the web as one of the best scripts that will allow you to easily create and publish your website content.

Furthermore, WordPress is absolutely free. There are also hundreds of free templates given in WordPress for you to use at a click of a button. These templates are pre-made sites that design the website for you so you do not have to go to the tedious work of designing it. Basically, you know have your website powered by WordPress with an awesome template which only leaves writing the content.

Make Content For Your Website

The heart and soul of a website is its content. Search engines are hungry for quality content so if you have quality content then search engines like Google will reward you by driving visitors to your website. However, to make quality or useful content you know the basics of what topic that you choose for your website is about. The reason why I made you choose a topic based on your interest, it is to make sure you are able to make good content for your site. It is essential that you keep good writing habits and create content for your website at least 3 times a week in order for Google to keep on loving you and drive visitors to your site. Lastly, you should read the basic SEO Guide from Google for some quick tips on SEO.

Start Making Your Money

So, we finally get to step where everyone asks about, how to start a money making website? It is quite simple and simple, actually. With more visitors on your website, the more money you can make. Just like in the real world, a business would be nothing without its customers and a website would be nothing without its visitors too.

In internet marketing there are two simple and proven methods to make money in your website. These are displaying Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing.

  • Advertisement – When you have enough people visiting your website, you can put other people ads on your site. If your audience clicks on your ads, you will make money. The best paying advertising networks which you can sign up for are Google AdSense and YPN. It is free to sign up so register as soon as possible.
  • Affiliate Marketing – In English terms, this means just that you are getting paid for promoting a product that relates to your website and paid by commission for each person that buys that product. Whether you are promoting a weight loss supplement, a ebook, or a dvd, you will be paid by how many sales you get under your name. Just like the advertisement networks the best affiliate networks are Google Affiliate Network,ClickBank, and Commission Junction. Register for these networks because they are free.

Market Your Site For Success

Just like any business, a marketing strategy is needed for success. To make things a bit simpler you have spread the word of your website to get more people to visit your website. Here are the ways to start your money making website with more visitors.

  • Marketing With Articles – This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Writing articles about your topic is key to get visitors on your website, which you will publish, these articles submission websites like Articlebase,, and etc. In the resource box you should briefly talk about your website which is another boost for traffic.
  • Marketing with Social Media – To market with social media like Facebook and Twitter will immensely boost your visitors for your website. It will take time to build a strong trust and community through these social networks but afterwards it will be all worth it when you rake thousands of visitors from these networks.
  • Different Ways of Marketing – There are many other different ways to drive people to your website like registering to forums and talking to the community about your website. You can provide quality comments on other people’s site and link back to your site, or even get traffic from someone else’s website by having them linking to you.

These different ways will increase your visitors on your web site and make search engine more likeable to your likeability around the net.


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