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May 9, 2019
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Instantly Boost Your Ebook Sales With an Ebook Cover Image


Images can instantly boost your ebook sales. They can change the look of your web pages instantly and make your web site look more professional.

It’s especially important to represent your ebook with an image. When used correctly, quality ebook covers can double and even triple your ebook sales. Here’s why. An ebook cover image makes your ebook look “real.” It supports your sales message. And it boosts your credibility.

Here’s some tips to make your book cover effective:

o The design should convey the book topic at a glance. Carefully select your images to best represent your ebook and support your sales message. You can do that by choosing images that are related to your book’s topic.

o Choose the right words for your title and any text you’re using on the book cover. Your book title should be a compelling, benefit-oriented headline.

o Make your book title readable. Keep the text short. An ebook image is small. The less text you use, the larger and more readable your text will be. You may want to use a short version of your book title.

o Use a larger font for the title than for the subtitle or bullets. Use fonts that are readable in a small size. Arial, Impact, and Futura are great fonts for the title of your ebook.

o Use special type effects such as drop shadow and outline.

o Select colors that work with your web site colors. I recommend designing the web images first, then use a color theme for the web site that works with the image. If you already have a web site, tell your designer so he can select colors that will work for your site.

o Be Unique. Be original. Stand out from your competition. Don’t copy someone else’s design. Make your book cover unique. Use custom design.

o Use ALT tags to improve your search engine positioning. Include ALT tags in your images. Search engines can’t read images. Alt tags tell them what the image is about. Use your main keyword in your ALT tags.

Don’t underestimate the importance of ebook cover images. Try them. It’s one of the easiest ways to instantly increase your credibility and ebook sales.


Source by Leva Duell

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