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Invel Review


Invel as a company was founded in 1999 by Mario Hirata. For the past 20 years he had been a consultant to the health industry. The company has a range of clothing that is said to incorporate revolutionary textile performance enhancers in the form of bioceramics. This clothing includes items like, tank tops, shorts, shirts, shoe insoles, gloves and even face masks. Bioceramics is a process that uses tiny particles of clay and minerals woven into the fibers of the clothing that provide the body with heat retention and also omit thermal healing and soothing properties.

So how do you make money from Invel?

The idea is that as a business owner you will organize party plan events selling the clothing. Start up costs are $99, although it does say that this will be changing soon. Here you will receive a commission off the back of direct sales that you make. If you manage to sponsor somebody else into the business then you get 5 percent of their total sales commissions. However percentages will differ the more people you sponsor, down to 4 levels. On top of this the company offers you mentoring bonuses, advancement bonuses and, based on sales, you will be able to have up to $750 worth of free product to sell to potential customers.

The products themselves seem high quality although very expensive (over $300 for a pair of leggings) and is maybe aimed at people with an expendable income rather than just Mr and Mrs average, although the website does point out that they have over 7 million satisfied customers worldwide. Invel are also endorsed by some pretty high profile people such as Pele, the international soccer star, so it does add credence to the products. The company have been going for a while and are obviously in it for the long haul. However in order to sell this type of product you will have to be good at marketing, or at least get good at it. Whether you can make some serious money out of this opportunity, well it remains to be seen.


Source by Dane Tanodra

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