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La Martina Reaches Peak Sales in 2010 Q1


The brand La Martina, which is originally from Argentina and headquartered in Buenos Aires, has seen a large increase in sales in the past 5 years. Despite economic upheaval in North America and Europe La Martina has managed to peak in 2010 Q1 with revenues exceeding the speculations of most financial analysts previous predictions towards the end of 2009. Financial analysts have also suggested that expansion into further markets namely Holland, Italy, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom could be a successful long-term investment for the company. It could also help with the image of the brand itself as many sales to these countries have occurred off the record via online sales through sites like eBay and private websites. In fact, in early 2006 14 tons of the company’s products were seized in Germany because the hologram labels washed off when put in the laundry. Many speculated that the items were counterfeit, defective or factory seconds. The outcome of criminal investigations in Germany was never released to the public, but the brands image hit a rough point upon release of this news to the public. Especially, amongst German consumers which are said to be incredibly brand conscious as well as quality conscious consumers. The German market has been known to lose virtually all interest in a brand when such issues arise with supply and quality of the brand. Thankfully for the brand, they continue to be an enormous success in Germany.

La Martina has followed suit of many other successful brands and recently opened a flagship boutique for their La Martina Polos, Shirts, Shoes, and other items in Dubai. Dubai has become a middle-eastern shopping Mecca, despite enormous economic problems which have impacted Dubai, consumers are still spending. A foothold in the Middle Eastern market is becoming especially important for high-end clothing brand companies. Companies like Louis Vuitton have succeeded by putting effort into the Middle eastern market, namely Louis Vuitton’s top selling markets are currently Japan, followed by Turkey.

La Martina’s largest market continues to be in Europe, namely Germany, France, Italy, and Spain where the items can be priced as 135 EUROs for a polo, and 300 EUROs or more for simple sweaters and vests. The prices of La Martina in retail stores have resulted in many savvy shoppers turning to online la martina shopping because the discounts of buying manufacturer direct and from a low cost website has reduced the price of la martina as much as 70% in many cases.

The most popular La Martina items in both brick and mortar stores as well as in the online shopping world are La Martina Polos. This is not at all a surprise since the brand La Martina was named the official brand for Polo Argentina. This endorsement has nearly guaranteed the success of the brand and the results continue to be impressive. The brand stores in Argentina continue to be a favourite amongst wealthy Argentinean sports fans.

The question in the minds of many people is where the next boutique store will open. Many have speculated that the launch may be in Western Europe, but such information continues to be a close guarded secret of the company. Their recent store in Mykonos Greece has continued to be a successful venture of the company. However, many have wondered why the company does not dive full force into the lucrative retail opportunities available in strong developed markets, namely Germany. Which continues to be a powerhouse for the company’s sales worldwide, and interestingly enough German is the first language of the company’s official website.


Source by Koray Yilmaz

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