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May 9, 2019
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Make Memorable Photo Treasures From Ordinary Moments – 10 Tips

Did you ever wish you had photos of the last time you and your Mom had dinner together? Do you remember when you and your grandmother were sitting together talking about her younger days? Do you remember when you and your children were coloring together?

We always remember to bring our cameras and take photos at graduations, weddings, and birthdays, and what about those ordinary experiences that are the source of our richest memories?

Where are those photo memories? Do you find it frustrating when you see other photos from your friends of their special moments? Would you like to be one of those people who always have photos of those daily living moments of the people you love?

You do not need to struggle any longer. Here is how you can successfully photograph and document special ordinary moments with the people you love.

First and more importantly, always carry your camera, charge it, and use it.

Remember, the people you are photographing will act more naturally once they see your camera and you begin taking photos of the surroundings or setting for the scene. Always take more photos than you think is necessary for those less than stellar ones.

While taking photos of the people involved, always take multiple shots of the scene, before during, afterward since many people are light-sensitive and often blink – especially if there are multiple people in the scene. My mother is light-sensitive; therefore, I always take a minimum of three photos with her in the scene for this reason.

Here are my ten tips on how you can make ordinary photos into memorable photo treasures.

1. Cradle your grandparent, parent, or child’s hand in yours and take a close-up photo of only your hands together.

I do not have this type of photo with my Dad before he passed and I do have one with my grandmother and my Mom.

2. Take photos when loved ones are saying hello and goodbye. This makes a loving moment last forever.

For example, recently I took photos of my brother leaning over to hug my Mom and in the series, they were before, during, and afterward and then I chose the best of them; the most tender one with their faces side-by-side and my brother’s hand on her back.

3. Take portrait photos of your loved ones capturing their lifelong beauty at different times during their lifetime. It is always nice to look at the changes over time and we always appreciate our photos of our younger days.

Because I am an avid photographer, I have a long list of photos of my Mom from a variety of activities, events, parties, and ordinary times and it is wonderful to see her life unfold through my photos.

4. You can take photos of your family and friends at breakfast, lunch, or dinner anytime to document your experiences. Take them before the meal and in groups of people around the table. Make sure everyone is included (the photographer too!). The cook/chef will feel proud too!

5. You can capture photos of people milling around the kitchen where everyone tends to congregate doing ordinary chores or merely conversing.

The children can complain later when they always had to wash the dishes – there is the photo to prove it!

6. If you snap photos of the family doing ordinary things, such as reading a book, watching a movie or TV, snacking on popcorn together, playing games or with toys, reading the newspaper or a magazine, working on the computer, there will be a document of how they spent their days.

7. Take photos of people doing their hobbies, playing music, dancing, singing, tinkering, building things, working on things, gardening, painting/drawing, knitting/crocheting/sewing, etc. It is important to document their creation process with several shots. This is the most often overlooked photo of your family.

My Dad was handy around the house and he was always tinkering with cars and he could fix or repair anything, yet, we have only one photo of him working on a car engine.

8. You can make great family memories with photos of someone bringing the food to the table, not only at Thanksgiving, and on ordinary days with favorite family meals from a favorite recipe.

I have several photos of my Mom and my sister bringing great meals to the table, which also documents their cooking abilities.

9. Children playing games outside and with toys in the house are always a fun photo memory.

My Dad took some photos of us playing at the park when we were very young and they are more special than big event photos.

10. Pet photos can be humorous and entertaining even when they are posing, sleeping, begging for treats, playing with other pets and children, walking, and eating. They never complain and are never camera-shy.

My dogs, Fuzzy and Romeo, pose quite naturally and always look adorable to me no matter what they are doing and I am grateful for my photos of them.

Years from now, you will treasure these timepiece memories and you will wish that you had more of them. Begin now; you can make ordinary photos into memorable photo treasures with these tips. Enjoy your memories!

Source by Dawn Marie Carlson

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