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Make More Money on Shutterstock – How to Sell More Pictures

That digital photography can be profitable is not something new. Due to improvements and decreasing hardware costs. With a camera with 3.2 mega pixels you can make decent shots. However, to make more money with these pictures on shutterstock you must take several aspects into account.

Tip # 1 Aim for long tail keywords

This is probable the most important step to take if you want to make decent money on shutterstock. Search terms like 'peach' are highly competitive, but have very high amount of searchers. A term like 'peach green background' is way better to use. The competition is less and the visitors are more likely to buy. However, it can be very difficult to find good long tail keywords.

Tip # 2 Edit The Background

It does not matter if your picture is not perfect. People mostly want pictures that they can use straight away. If you edit the background with several color ('green', 'black' or 'transparent') you will sell a lot more pictures. If you combine this with long tail keyword research you are halfway there to make more money with Shutterstock.

Tip # 3 More pictures

This sounds like a cliché but more photos means more money. If you have a larger portfolio, people will take you more seriously. Other photos in your portfolio will also have higher search engine ranking, since they have more backlinks. You must make sure that your portfolio remains categorized. You should upload a picture every three days at least. What most of my clients do is spend a few days to work on as many photos as possible and upload 20 every three days.


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