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Marketing Plan Example – Ladies First Shoe Store (Part 2)


The next part of the marketing plan may be to capitalize on repeat customers. If the shoe store has any kind of records of previous customers, such as receipts from purchases, we could develop a database using those records. That list of customers can be used to send postcards offering store discounts and/or requesting that customers sign up online for coupons and special sales. Postcard mailings should also be tracked. Our intention should be to develop an electronic database to which we can eventually market via email. Email marketing is perhaps the least expensive and most effective types of marketing. Repeat customers could quickly become your greatest asset.

One way that Ladies First can develop its list of customers is by training the sales staff to collect names and email addresses of every customer who purchases, which is the best list to have, i.e. a list of buyers. If, and this is a big if, you can train your sales staff to collect the email addresses, you will practically be assured of an increase in your overall profits. I know businesses that go as far as to fire anyone in their sales staff who continuously ‘forgets’ to ask customers for their contact information.

Next, we need to start adding more online strategies to the marketing plan. Keeping in mind the importance of developing a customer database, some businesses do offline advertising to route their customers to a website where they can capture their contact information. Soft drink companies put codes on the tops of soft drink bottles; customers are instructed to go to a website, enter the code, and see if they won a prize. Lady’s first could do something similar by having their website information imprinted on the receipts, asking customers to login to see if they win a free pair of shoes or to get coupons. A website without a lead-capture mechanism is not maximizing its marketing potential.

The next step of the marketing plan for Ladies First Shoe Store could be implementing promotions that include the endorsement of the local movie star. That could be done through video postings on You Tube or on a blog, or in written form as testimonials on the lead capture page or home page.

Traffic generation strategies could be the final touch for our marketing plan example. There are dozens of traffic strategies available, but one that we could use for Ladies First is advertising in a local business portal and local map searches. Pay-per-click advertising would also be very effective, since it can be targeted geographically.

Remember than in our marketing plan example everything and every occurrence should be tracked to determine its effectiveness. Don’t just track email marketing, track each email and you will learn what produces the best results. Then you will know what delights your customers and what will keep them coming back in the future. It is easier to buy where you already know you are appreciated.


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