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May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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OpenCart: The High-End ECommerce Solution to Build Online Stores


The process of developing an eCommerce store is quite daunting. Firstly, it becomes necessary to rely upon one profitable and workable solution which will drive seamless business performance. Currently, there is a number of online shopping carts, provided with several functional capabilities. Considering the varied platforms, OpenCart holds a remarkable presence in the domain because of its extended functionality.

The prime focus of any business is revenue generation. Likewise, online stores always emphasize on increasing the sales figures, while expanding online audience, which is certainly possible with OpenCart integration.

Simple Store Setup

A simple and clear setup process is one of its core benefits. Irrespective of whether you are a tech-savvy store owner or a non-advanced online merchant. With this platform, the entire task of store development becomes easy. It does not need in-depth technical skills to install it. However, with experienced OpenCart developers, you can get assurance of successful accomplishment of the entire process.

Usability and Performance

Site speed is another point of concern which, greatly impacts the user experience. OpenCart shopping carts are pretty lightweight which, deploy AJAX technology for reducing the loading time, thereby increasing the store speed.

Moreover, the admin panel is easy to use and you will not need much time to get over the learning curve. Thus, managing the store becomes as simple as cutting a pie. On the contrary, shopping carts offer possibility of deploying a set of different features to increase usability of clients including smart site structure, one page checkout, handy search and many more.

Multi-store functionality

It supports a series of multi-store functions that helps you to manage a number of stores via a single admin panel. Thus, it will allow you to:

  • Manage single inventory for multiple stores.
  • Use different themes mean for diverse types of shops.
  • Localize the stores across different nations by setting the various digital currencies, tax and language class.


Being open-source, its cost of installation is almost equal to 0. Compared to other popular platforms, the maintenance costs are low. Being the owner of an OpenCart-built online store, you can deal with store customization and management easily as well.

Extensions and Features

This platform is known across the industry because of its high level of functionality as it comes with an array of in-box features. Moreover, store owners can expand the store capabilities while deploying a series of 7000+ extensions.

  • 23 payment gateways.
  • Advanced report system.
  • Multiple zones.

Deciding to opt for OpenCart development certainly serves as a beneficial business proposition to cater the online business needs. Since, this platform is flexible, robust, secure and reliable, it will certainly fulfill your digital marketing needs, thereby helping you to emerge as one of the top eCommerce business players.


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