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Photography For Beginners – Want to Take Great Photos?

Where do I start?

This is the hardest question that most people face answering. Photography is such as massive area. You can spend the rest of your life learning photography and never complete the task. It is such a large, diverse and engaging arena.

However, most people have an area of interest and this is the best place to start along side your choice of camera. So there it is: what do you like photographing the most? People, architecture, flowers, nature in general, racing cars, sports, scientific photography (infra red, high speed, ultra violet, high magnification, telescopic, etc.) macro, landscape, abstract, fine art, figure, fashion, wildlife, studio, environmental; it goes on and on.

Ok, you have your area of interest, now you need to focus on your camera in relation to this area. Now it’s time to get to know your camera inside out. Doesn’t matter what the camera is. You may upgrade at some later time. But you need to know the camera you have now, and know how to use it manually. No, you can’t leave it on automatic! On this setting the camera controls you; you have no say in the matter of taking photographs! The camera decides. Set it on manual and take back control. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Not so easy or difficult really, but you need to learn about your camera functions to have control. So this is about learning such stuff as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth-of-field, focus and other camera functions.

Again these are skills that anyone can acquire and there are many beginner courses out there to get you going. There are also free courses on the internet and and you can find these with a simple search if wish to check out this option. But when it comes down to quality courses you will find the fee paying courses offer more. Having said that, they are very cheap these days and there are many on offer.

Source by Roo Du Jardin

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