Pizza Restaurant Marketing – Free Box Topper Templates That Keep Customers Coming Back!

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May 9, 2019
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Pizza Restaurant Marketing – Free Box Topper Templates That Keep Customers Coming Back!

One of the marketing tools that has made those huge pizza chains so successful over the years and has kept them vying for the number one position along the way, is their regular use of Box Toppers. You will never find a pizza, either carry out or delivery, from any one of “the Big Chains,” without an advertisement attached to the top of the pizza box. They use menus, coupons and/or special promos to keep customers coming back. You can own your market by using the same technique and there are free Box Topper templates which you can easily customize online.

Designing Made Easy

Designing Box Toppers is a quick and easy process, and you do not need to have any special graphic design or computer skills to complete your project. With online pizza design tools, the user interface is easy to negotiate – just enter your information, upload a photo if needed and hit “Complete” when finished. There is usually a box visible on the screen that provides boundaries you must stay within when uploading photos of your specialties, logos and even text you edit. You can ‘grab’ your photo with the mouse and move it around to center or relocate it to some extent. Although the background image is pre-designed, you can add a picture or two to make the box flyer your own. There are also usually text-field boxes where you enter your own information.

Why Box Topper Templates Keep Customers Coming Back

The graphic design team who created the templates used specialized marketing techniques in designing the pieces so that the layout is eye-catching and provides a ‘call-to-action.’ One of the reasons the big chains are successful is because they have a top-notch marketing team at their disposal that create ads based on marketing trends. It isn’t always what they are advertising; more often than not it’s how they present it.

By using templates, you are given the benefit of an expert team of marketing designers who use those same techniques to provide you with advertising that customers will gladly keep on hand. Most households across the country have at least one pizza menu tacked up somewhere in their kitchen, why shouldn’t it be yours? With a customized pizza box topper template and your delicious pizza, you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Although most pizza restaurant owners recognize the need to use pizza Box Toppers to bring in return business, one of their greatest concerns is cost. Take advantage of the templates which are provided at no extra cost to you. Full color, glossy toppers and flyers often cost less than a double sided full color copy at a local copy shop that was printed on regular copy stock paper.

Professional printing speaks with authority and carries with it a message that you are professional as well. The end result is that box flyers keep your customers coming back for more.


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