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Reasons People Look For RV Adventures

People have always found ways to travel from place to place. Some ancient peoples journeyed by camel or on foot, and dwelt in tents. The Romani itinerants’ homes were wagons, which served as both vehicle and place of abode. Today, the RV has become the magic carpet of the nomads.

RVs give you a Sense of Freedom and Closeness to Nature

Folks find a genuine sense of freedom as they climb into their RVs. There’s a feeling of being set free from the bother that accompanies commercial travel. RVers can bring their beloved pets along with them, and can enjoy the liberty of being “home” without the daily stresses of life. Some have even discovered life-changing emancipation from all of the stuff and clutter of their lives due to the smaller living quarters.

Nothing can compare with the opportunity to be close to nature, especially when “boondocking” – camping solo in the country instead of in an RV park. Mother Nature’s handiwork is restful. You may awaken at sunrise and see the hummingbirds in their delirious dance with the trumpet vine flowers on a live oak tree. The evening event could be a spotting a doe with her fawn by the lake.

Family Bonding is Easier without the Distractions

If you don’t bring the electronic distractions with you, RV travel can be a great time for the family to bond. Find a family hobby that you can work on together. Photography is something for all ages, and pictures are some of the best “souvenirs.” Jigsaw puzzles, non-electronic board games, reading great books aloud to each other, and hiking out-of-doors all contribute to family fun and companionship. Record your days in a journal so the memories last longer than a lifetime.

Surprisingly, RV Travel can be more Economical than other Vacations

If you want to save money, an RV is a good investment, and one that may not cost as much as you expect. If you are not ready to make a long-term commitment to RVing, you might consider an RV rental. You can keep the price down by purchasing a used motor home. One option is looking for used RVs for sale by owner. Although gas prices have been high, RV owners have discovered that if they keep their speed at 55, they save gas. You’ll save on meals and lodging costs as well.

Have you always wanted to really see America? Do you want to meet interesting people? Does the thought of being in control of your itinerary appeal to you? If you said “yes” to these questions, maybe it’s time for you to plan your RV adventure. Bon voyage!

Source by Julie Jacobs

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