Remove Win Defrag: Protect Your Computer From Fake Defragmentation Program

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May 9, 2019
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Remove Win Defrag: Protect Your Computer From Fake Defragmentation Program

Win Defrag is counterfeit computer utilization utility which is developed to speed up the system performance. It is available as de-fragment program online which pretended to scan your system and remove its errors. But in reality it is totally scam and do not have any de-fragmentation or system optimization features. So, never trust this application because it's only a way to take away your money by using illicit tactics. This malware belongs to Win HDD or HDD control family which attacks your system by means of Trojans and gradually destroys it. So, do not get trapped by this bogus application and remove Win Defrag upon detection.

This rogue application automatically gets installed in your system without any permission. When it enters your system starting displaying numerous warning messages stating that something is wrong with your system and you need to scan your system. The message is displayed as follows:

"Fix Disk

Windows Disk Diagnostics will scan the system to identify performance problems.

Start or Cancel "

Immediately after pressing start button it start scanning your system and display fake alerts as stated below:

  • Registry de-fragmentation required
  • Damaged file allocation table
  • Blue screen error of death
  • Bad sectors
  • 32% of HDD space is unreadable
  • Drive initialization error
  • Critical error: Hard drive not found
  • Critical error: RAM memory failure
  • Critical error: damaged hard drive clusters detected

Do not get panic by these error messages because all these errors are false and the real problem is this fake de-fragmentation program. So, immediately remove Win Defrag to protect your computer.

Consequences of Win Defrag installation

  • Changes system settings
  • Creates junk files like Win HDD.lnk, uninstall Win HDD.lnk etc
  • Hides itself in the background and display false error reports
  • Connects itself to Internet and changes browser settings
  • Computer hard drive and memory remain in danger
  • Changes Windows de-fragmentation settings option
  • Disable junk file cleanup service
  • Disable Windows Firewall, Security updates and other anti-virus programs
  • It freezes various application
  • Causes system crash

So if you want to prevent your system from above mentioned harmful consequences then instantly remove Win Defrag by following below mentioned steps:

  • Open Windows Task Manager and kill all its processes
  • Un-register its dll files and remove its registry values ​​with the help of Registry editing
  • Delete all temporary files and folders related to this application

But you should remove it carefully as minor mistake in registry editing sometimes leads to serious problems of system file deletion or system crash. So, it is recommended to use genuine Anti-spyware software. The software detects and deletes the infected files and folders from every location of your PC.

It's obvious that this rogue application has affected the performance of your system so to upgrade its performance you can use PC Maintenance software. It increases the speed of your system and optimizes its memory.


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