Reverse Phone Search – Two Steps to STOP Telemarketers, Pranksters

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May 9, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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Reverse Phone Search – Two Steps to STOP Telemarketers, Pranksters

Have you ever wished you could just reach through the phone and ‘ring’ the neck of that obnoxious caller on the other end? We all have from time to time. It goes something like this: your busy doing something when the phone rings. You stop what you’re doing, answer the phone, and hear “We have been trying to reach you about your auto warranty!”.

This time you’ve had enough. So like any reasonable person in the information age you look for a solution on the Internet. But what you find instead is frustration. From spending hours, perhaps days, looking for the number on free phone search websites. Because these websites are essentially nothing more than an on-line phone book, you won’t find most telemarketers or pranksters here. They often disguise their telephone numbers on caller ID or call from cell phones protected by government privacy laws.

Step One – Identify the Harassing Caller

First, you need to get around this problem. Instead of a regular free phone book, go to a professional ‘Reverse Phone Search’. These new types of searches give you the full name, address, and background records for any phone number calling you. They look in large databases like the ones used by police and telemarketers. Assistants then verify the accuracy of the information and provide it to you instantly.

Step Two – Report the Phone Gnat

These callers are like gnats. They don’t go away until you swat at them. After getting their full name and any associated business info, you can quickly put them to rest. Either the long way – by calling the company and telling them to remove you, or by adding yourself to the federal do-not-call list and clicking the convenient ‘report violator’ button on the reverse phone search website.


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