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Running An Online Retro Wholesale Sweet Shop


Having over 50 years in the confectionery industry, we know the industry very well. It is a tough place to start out in but if you have the passion for the candy, there is no better job for you. Starting a sweet shop is not as easy as you may think. There are many steps that you must prepare yourself. We are going to share some of these with you today.

Where are you going to purchase stock from? This is your first major issue. Once it's sorted, your shop will be filled, but where do you start I hear you ask. You will need to find an supplier of wholesale sweets. Businesses that sell sweets to independent stores, market traders and other companies that are interested in stocking a range of sweets in their store. Try to find a specialist in wholesale sweets . The best suppliers of wholesale sweets have often been in the confectionery industry for over 50 years.

Where is you shop going to be? Are you going to rent a shop in the high street or would you like to open an e-commerce sweet shop online. Both of these ideas have their positives and negatives. With more people purchasing via the internet today, are you going to receive the volume of customers through your door to ensure that you can pay the lease as well as make a profit? But … will your online sweet shop receive enough visitors to allow you to pay the hosting fee's as well as make a profit? It's a tough decision to make.

What will you call your sweet shop? Sweets are usually purchased via an impulse decision. Building a brand around your sweet shop will be key to the success of your shop. You will need a theme for your shop, whether it be ultra-modern or the old-fashioned sweet shops that are so popular at the time of writing. Once you have settled on a name, you will need an eye-catching logo and some labels to brand your products with.

We have briefly covered 3 points that we feel need the most thought when opening a sweet shop. There are many others that you will find along the way that are much more insignificant and will be solved very easily. Once you have a reliable supplier, your shop up and running (with a great name!), It will be time for you to market your shop, develop new products to sell not only in your store but to other retailers to promote your brand.

If you choose to sell sweets via the internet, SEO will be a key strategy that you will need to implement. Having an online sweet shop is great but will anyone be able to find it? With the increasing popularity of online sweet shops, the chances of reaching the top are getting harder and harder. You will need to build links to your online sweet shop, market and promote your sweets on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Running a sweet shop is great fun and can be very rewarding. The initial struggle of any business is always the first 3-5 months of set-up, learning the ropes taking some time. By taking your time, implementing a business plan and choosing the right suppliers, your sweet shop has a much higher chance of surviving and turning into a great place to relive those nostalgic memories.

With the increase in popularity of retro sweets, many companies are promoting new products, brands, etc with retro sweets. The demand for wholesale sweets is also increasing. Instead of the more traditional 250g weigh outs that we were all used to back in the day, people are more interested in buying the entire case and saving money.

The confectionery industry, for us, is superb and we enjoy working in the heart of it everyday. Sweets can be found almost everywhere now and the demand for inexpensive luxuries such as sweets shows no signs of slowing down.


Source by Matthew S Johnson

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