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Scrape Online Selling – Estate Sales


You can find a number of real bargains and few great items to vend at estate sales. The true estate sales are exactly as the name denotes; when someone tries to sell an estate estate or house full of items. The items are generally sold individually or in lots. An estate sale transpires when someone may have passed away and no one knows what to do with all their junk. Perhaps the relatives can not take all the stuff with them. They hired the company to perform an estate sale or are performing the estate sale themselves.

At a typical sale you will see the house and everything attached to it will be for sale. These sales are publicized in your local newspaper's classified ads section. Estate sales are more modest than garage sales as there are lots of deals to be made.

Estate Sales Tips

· Get ​​there early! Just as with garage sales, the most valuable items are going to be gone in the first few hours.

· Haggle. It is still a good idea to try to lower the sales price of items you are thinking of buying.

· Return to the sale the next day. Most os the time, these types of sales are two day events. I have found that on the second day the operators typically lower their prices significantly. The incentive is also there for the operators to unload everything that is left over.

· Introduce yourself. Usually these type of sales are performed by companies on behalf of the family of the estate. You can leave your business card with the operators and ask them to give you a call about future estate sales. In fact, most of the companies that perform the these sales let you sign up to be informed by e-mail of up and coming sales.

Used Bookstores

If you have any used bookstores around your area you can use the store to find used books to sell books online. Most used bookstores get infested with books but have a limited space in which to store all those books. Because of this, they may be willing to sell you some of their overstocked inventory at a deep discount.

It never hurts to speak to the owner or manager and try to get them to sell you some of their inventory. You can leave them with your business card and let them know that you are always in the market for volume sales. Most owners will always listen to a buyer who is willing to buy in volume since shelf space is a large problem for traditional brick and mortar used bookstores.


Source by James Corr

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