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Secrets of Article Writing – Why You Must Write Articles


Once you have created your website and packaged your offer you are going to need to attract some attention to your site in order to make some sales. The best way to look at this is to aim to attract continuous, information-hungry readers to your site and you can do that by writing great articles.

Without traffic you will find it very difficult to build your list and to connect with your potential buyers. It’s a bit like opening a grand clothing store in the local high street which has been decked out with all mod cons and all the latest, low-cost designer wear. But unless you promote your store continuously, unless you let others know that you are there and you can meet their needs you will have great difficulty in generating an income and may eventually have to close.

You need to tell potential buyers online that you are available to help them with their particular challenges and one of the best methods of doing this is to write articles. If you can write an email message to a friend or family member then you can write and submit articles online.

The only difference is that you must create your articles in a systematic fashion so that you continuously attract brand new traffic to your site. Let’s say that for every 1000 visitors to your site, 50% of them will sign up as subscribers. Then for every 500 subscribers on your list, 2% of them make a purchase from you each week. All you would need to do in order to increase the number of products that you sell is to increase your traffic. You are in total control but of course you need to start getting traffic to your site in the first place and to do this I suggest you write your first article today.


Source by Janet B Cole

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