Silver Jewelry Trend Has Shown a Massive Growth From the 19th Century

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Silver Jewelry Trend Has Shown a Massive Growth From the 19th Century


The silver usage was prevalent in olden times. However, in the later part of the 19 century, many countries acquired prominence in the silver production. The silver production increased manifold and after 1870, the silver production kept on increasing all over the world.

Silver Jewelry History

Jewelry was and is an integral part of ornamentation since ages for human beings though it is always more centered on women. Silver has been an important metal in creating jewelry pieces due to its easy affordability making it suitable for all income groups. Silver is now also used by men in the form of rings and bracelets. This metal since olden times is being referred to as the white shining object.

Silver Now

Silver is a great metal preferred by all around the globe. In fact, the fashion world has acquired more popularity with silver jewelry trend that it appears even in the belts and purses as ornamentation. The gold market fluctuation has resulted in adoring silver jewelry, gaining more prominence that it has reached different segments and the demand is increasing continuously.

The silver jewelry has integrated fashion industry on a wider scale and even small income customers are buying it. The advantage is obvious and this has resulted in jewelry designers coming with trendy designs in the jewelry appeal that it has developed into brand identity and sales increase, with special offers during festive seasons.

Silver jewelry trend

Silver jewelery extreme demand has kept designers launching ornaments in fresh collection. The widely used type of this precious metal is:

Wristlets or Bracelets: These are extremely popular among women and men that it is now associated with the fashion world and also sports. You can see tennis stars such as Serena Williams flaunting their designer silver bracelets. Besides, these are highly popular among girls in high school. The biggest advantage is that despite its high demand, they are available in affordable prices. There is no need for one to be or become super rich to have few designer pieces of silver jewelry.

Anklets: Anklet collection is not new especially in the teens. This can be worn by all age groups, but is the best among younger age girls. The best thing is that it can be worn anytime, all times and with all clothing types, be it formal attire or some casual outfit. The anklets now are available in different patterns that it is not difficult for anyone to find jewelry piece complementing your appearance and personality.

Silver jewelry trend is now showing a tremendous growth in technological innovations and in exploring new regions on a broad scale. This is the reason by the end of 19th century; the silver production quadrupled around 120 million troy ounces annually. More new inventions are taking place and it helps a lot in the increase of silver production.

In the 21st century, advanced technologies have contributed to the massive rise in the silver production. The advancement in mining techniques aid in easy separation of silver from ores and thus has simplified the handling process in larger volumes of silver.


Source by Karen K Williams

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