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Sinus Tachycardia Treatment

Sinus tachycardia can happen when sinus rhythm is faster than 100 beats per minutes in adults. The symptoms of sinus tachycardia include chest pain, dizziness; breathe shortness, severe anxiety and many other problems. People who are suffering from sinus tachycardia can follow a proper sinus tachycardia treatment to get cured of the disease.

One of the most adopted sinus tachycardia treatment is drug therapy. During this drug therapy, it is important to record the patient’s age, background and medical history. It lasts for a long period, so this treatment is not suitable for young people and mothers of small kids. Its main focus is at sinus node. The sinus node responds to drugs in a complete different manner. Patients with sinus node abnormality are easily moved to negative reactions from cardiac medicines and other medications. So it is important to monitor them carefully.

When tachycardia is severe, injections or electric shock are required to make the heart beat normal. Those who are going from heart disease should be treated in few hours because fast heartbeats can result in further complications and heart functioning could be lowered down.

The other sinus tachycardia treatment is radio frequency catheter ablation. This treatment is useful for those patients who are not interested in drug therapy or are not able to respond to the medicines quickly. It means total removal of sinus node through surgery. But recent studies show that it is better to modify the existing sinus node rather than its complete removal from the body. The first motive behind this modification is to remove the high rates of sinus tachycardia that produce tachycardia symptoms. And, the other motive is to save the sinus node function.

The other sinus tachycardia treatment is surgery. It is considered as a last step for sinus tachycardias. The experts recommend the permanent removal of sinus node. In this treatment, an open-heart surgery with cardio pulmonary bypass is required. This step is taken when all other sinus tachycardia treatments fail to respond.

These are some of the popular tachycardia treatment that can be followed. But it is better to consult the specialized doctor if the pain is severe.


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