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Spotting Scopes – How to Select a Quality Spotting Scope


Welcome to understanding a spotting scope. This wonderful device has been specifically designed for day use to increase your outdoor pleasure and wildlife viewing. This tool allows you to enjoy wildlife at a distance in their natural environment. You can enjoy their beauty undisturbed and learn more about their unique habits.

A spotting scope is a smaller version of a telescope made to be used in daylight. Its smaller size allows you more versatility and portability. It differs from a telescope in that it will always produce an upright image. It is designed to be mounted on an ordinary photo tripod or one of many window mounts. You will enjoy more magnification than binoculars can provide allowing you to view objects at a greater distance. For our hunters, a spotting scope is a great tool for scoring your targets at the rifle range.

We would like to give you a basic understanding of the numbers your spotting scope is labeled with. You will find three numbers associated with your scope. The first two numbers represent the magnification. For example, a scope reading 18-36×50 would give you a magnification range of 18 to 36. The last number represents the diameter of the front lens. On the 18-36×50, your front lens size would be 50mm. The larger your objective lens, the more detail you will be able to see in your view.

Most spotting scopes are refractors, meaning they use a prism to turn your image right side up and correct it right to left. There are two types of prisms available: porro prism and roof prism. Porro prisms are by far the most popular as they are less expensive and easier to produce. A roof prism allows the manufacturer to produce a more compact and slim design therefore enhancing portability. There is a large variance in the performance abilities between a low quality and a premium quality spotting scope, so purchase according to your needs. You will definitely be able to notice the difference in the quality.

We hope this information will assist you in deciding which spotting scope to purchase and we will continue to keep you updated with future articles on understanding your spotting scope.


Source by Bob Darrah

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