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Sprint White Page Or Sprint Cell Phone Directory, Does It Exist?

Sprint’s main business is in cellular services. After Sprint PCS combined with Nextel, its wireless business has became one of the largest in the U.S. Sprint customers make millions of calls each day, chances are, many of these phone calls are missed calls, when you missed a wireless phone call, the caller ID doesn’t tell you any more information rather than a wireless caller. If you want to know who is associated with the phone number, you would need to make reverse cell phone lookups.

In early 2005, Sprint was in talks with AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile, and some other cellular service providers to make a nation wide Mobile 411 cell phone number directory. When the proposal came out, it met with strong resistance from privacy groups and majority phone owners. Most phone owners want to have their numbers remain private and anonymous. Subsequently, a law was passed to make telemarketing calls to cellular phones illegal. In December 2007, the Congress drafted a bill (S. 2454) that would ban the creation of a mobile directory. The measure is currently at the Senate Commerce Committee.

At present time, there is no public White Pages at any cellular phone providers, it is unlikely to have one in the near future because the law is getting even tougher on protecting personal privacy.

To meet the public demand for cellphone lookup services, in recent years, several companies have spent millions of dollars to build alternative cellular phone directories. These private cell directories often called “backdoor” directories. The phone numbers were collected through data brokers, sponsored events, surveys, new cell phone giveaways, and other confidential data channels. The top directories contain numbers cover almost 80% of the U.S. wireless phone owners.

The private directories would allow you to check if a phone number belongs to Sprint or not free of charge. If the number does exist, you could also trace the owner’s name, address, and background information. If the information is not accurate, you should ask for a refund, many directories has 100% money back guarantee policy.

Be aware of “free cell phone directory” scams. There are several Internet websites claim to give you free cellphone lookups, but they want you to register your personal information first, they want to collect your name, cellphone number, and home address before making a search. Their sole purpose is to collect your private information and sell them to data brokers. It would be very costly to remove such information from hundreds of people search websites. This kind of websites you should avoid to use.


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