Steps For Creating a Successful Google AdWords Campaign – Complete AdWords Set Up

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May 9, 2019
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Steps For Creating a Successful Google AdWords Campaign – Complete AdWords Set Up

If looking for a quick way to market your product or business, then Google AdWords is the best solution to do so. It just takes a few minutes to set up an AdWords Campaign (its easy too) but the background preparation to make the campaign successful is what we discuss here.

What actually is Google AdWords?

Google allows the advertisers to place their ads on Google Search Results and also on different websites and collect a fee based on the number of ads clicked and number of ads viewed. This is a very effective way to get quick traffic to your site.

A] Steps to be followed to create an AdWords Campaign?

1. First and foremost, do the keyword research of your product using the free AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool.

2. Note the keywords that are mostly used by the people to search for that product.

3. You can also use the Overture suggestion tool and wordtracker tool to analyze the keywords but the AdWords free tool will just work fine.

4. Now create ad groups for each main keyword or keyphrase. This will enable you to track each keywords efficiency in getting visitors to your site. So you can remove the keywords that do not work and put more effort on the other ones.

5. Check the number of ad campaigns for your product by entering the keywords in the search engine. you will then notice ads displaying on the right side of the search results. If there are only a few ads displayed for your high demand keywords, you have the chance to create a winning ad campaign.

6. Now its time for the main event – Writing successful ad copy. For this purpose, you can get an idea from the other advertisements that appear on Google. Use your main keyword in the title and if possible include it in description too. An effective ad should look like

Google Optimization
Get Qualified Visitors To Your Site
Place Your Ad On Google Today!

You can write 3 lines of ad text with a total of 95 characters. 35 for display URL and 1024 characters limit for actual link of your site.

7. Now you are set ready for the actual creation of the AdWords campaign [completed the background preparation].

8. Test and Test … Use these details in STEP B.

B] How to create a Google AdWords Account?

1. Go o and sign up with your Gmail account.

2. You'll need to pay $ 5 as an activation fee to get started.

3. After that you can choose how much you wish to pay per click and per day.

4. You can choose from a $ 0.05 to $ 50 CPC and daily budget as low as 5 Cents or more.

Ex: If you set your daily budget for $ 50 / day / ad @ 10 cents / click, then you will get a max of 500 clicks per ad. Once your daily budget reached to an end, Google will automatically suspend running your ads until next day.

5. Test your ad campaigns with 3 ad groups, then make necessary changes to your keywords and ad copy. This will give you an idea of ​​which works best of all. You can then keep those settings up and running.

6. Always use a tracking url id for your landing page. This will enable you to track your visitors and their navigated pages. This will also give you an idea whether your ad campaign is working fine or required necessary changes.


7. Now use the details you collected during the STEP A.

All the Best for a Successful Google AdWords Campaign


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