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The Advantages Of Using Online Postage Stamps

Was there a time that you had a sudden need for postage stamps and you weren’t able to buy one anywhere? Well, with the introduction of online postage stamps, you can now purchase stamps over the Internet. The United States Post Office has come up with this innovative solution for people on the go.

Online postage services give you the freedom to buy regular stamps or even customize one for your own use. These stamps work the same way as the usual ones only the online version can be printed right from the comfort of your home or office. You don’t have to go to the nearby convenience store to buy your stamps anymore.

And you can use these postage stamps both for domestic and global mails. Priority mails, express mails, and airmail parcel posts are all covered. Once you get the hang of using online postage, you surely won’t go back to using the typical ones.

Authorized vendors of these stamps usually provide users with software, which they can use to generate these stamps. This is especially useful if you want to personalize them. The software will also enable you to upload your favorite photo, crop it, edit it, and transform it into a valid postage stamp.

For most of online postage stamp vendors, payments can be made using credit cards and similar online payment systems. Minimum order is commonly one sheet only, which contains 20 individual stamps. Online postage stamps come in a specified denomination that you have to choose from. It is then advisable that you buy stamps with the value that fits the mail you’ll send. The denominations of online postage stamps start with $0.24 cents up to $4.05.

Online postage stamps have surely made snail mailing somehow faster and easier. It had made the whole thing convenient, especially if you have to send quite a number of letters. Some vendors even keep a transaction record for their registered customer’s use. This is a good way to track mass mailing actions and it is especially helpful for large corporate accounts.

But before you use online postage stamps, there are a few guidelines that you have to remember. First off, your stamps or labels should be placed on the front surface of the mail and it should not be folded over. It is also important that it is properly glued in place.

And for this purpose, printing the stamps in a self-adhesive paper is the way to go. You can always choose to print them on ordinary paper and use glue or tape to stick them in, but using self-adhesive paper makes sticking your stamps easier. Anyway, these self-adhesive papers are available both online and at your local office supplies store.

Not only it is very convenient. It is also a way to spice up your holiday or event card giving. Imagine how nice your birthday or wedding invitations would be if the postage stamp shows a good picture of the celebrant. Online customized stamps would surely your letter a lot more special.


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