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The Increase in Demand for Larger Shoes Sizes


It is a fact that ties in with our growing population that our feet are getting bigger. Not only are we growing taller and wider around the waist-line, but it seems our feet too are getting in on the act.

This apparent evolutionary upward turn is affecting both men and women, although it could be argued that this is a more difficult dilemma for the women. There are many who simply cannot get hold of a pair of the latest brand of trendy shoes because none are being made in their size. This tends to happen anywhere from size 10 and above, particularly once you get to size 12’s. Men have problems akin to this when sizes start to get any larger than 14.

The growing demand for larger shoe sizes has meant that suppliers are beginning to appear online and even in some high street chains. These are designed to cater for those who, not only can’t find well fitted footwear, but also fashionable footwear in their size. This is the common issue with large shoes: they tend not to be keeping up with trends and fashions. In bygone days, large feet meant uncool footwear but no more, because manufacturers have begun to notice and take stock of the situation. Shops once were too afraid to have larger shoes on sale because they don’t fit the ‘average’. However, today more and more shoe shops are inclined to sell large shoe sizes to cater for this burgeoning demand. There are even opportunities to personalise your order with certain shoe companies.

Shopping online is a great way to find larger shoes that fit in with today’s latest trends. Not only are there more options online, but also if you don’t live in a large town or city, then the chances are, there will not be stockists available who sell larger shoe sizes. By browsing and shopping online, the experience is more rewarding, whilst the high streets play catch-up.

The future of large shoe sizes is looking brighter, due to increased understanding of this shift in the size of our society as a whole. For both men and women, the subject of searching for the right footwear can be one of desperation. A right that should be reserved to all of us has been denied to those with larger feet. At least now, it seems, shops are aware of this growing market and are starting to do something about it.


Source by Jack Goldie

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