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The Race to Success by Cheryl A Clausen


Are you losing the race to success? Would you like or even need some sales coaching to self improvement tips? Then look no more for this book has it all!

Finally a book about time management that does not focus on time management because time management is about self management. As the old expression goes, when you change how you look at things the things you look at will change. Cheryl A. Clausen has completed the puzzle of time management by using quite different puzzle pieces. Her analogy that time is really the race success partner to sales success or even life success is simple and direct.

In six chapters and less than 100 pages, the reader can begin to identify where she or he needs to make course corrections in The Race to Success. The book starts by asking if you are ready to making this change. For change to be successful first begins with awareness of where you are.

Then you look to where you are going. Much like the one of the scenes in the book Alice in Wonderland when Alice asks the Cheshire Cat what path shall I take and the cats responds with Where are you going. Alice replies I do not know. Then the cat quickly answers Any path will take you there.

By including short vignettes, Clausen provides real world examples of how people just like you have experienced similar problems specific to achieving success. One of her recommendation is the use of behavior assessments that allow further insight as to the What, How and Why of behaviors.

All through this short read are action strategies along with free online resources to further help you win the race to increase sales and just have a better over all life. If you are looking to improve your sales skills, your life and are tired of working harder not smarter, then run to your local book store, online book store or even the publisher Sales Gravy Press and buy this great book because the clock is ticking and you cannot afford to lose the race.


Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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