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Unique Photo Gift Ideas For Everyone

Photo Calendar Of The Pets

Know somebody that’s crazy about their cats or potty about their pooches? Then why not have a photo calendar created using a different picture of their pets for each of the months? You can even create a montage of the best pictures to use on the cover and add a caption for every month and a title for the cover. Photo calendars make great birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts because you can choose the month in which the calendar starts as well as deciding on the pictures and captions to use.

A Canvas Print Of The Car

Maybe there’s a classic car enthusiast in the family. Then why not use a favourite picture of their car and have it immortalised as a canvas print. With bespoke dimensions available, you can create a canvas from virtually any picture and you can even have it converted into a pop art print before being printed on high quality natural canvas. Canvas prints last a lifetime if you ensure that the canvas, the frame, and the spacers are all of a high quality.

A Photo Montage Of Your Last Holiday

Rather than using a single photo on a canvas print you can have a professionally designed montage printed instead. If you know somebody that just came back from the holiday of a lifetime and you want to help them remember then get hold of ten, twenty, or more pictures from the big trip and have them converted into a photo montage canvas print.

A Pop Art Photo Handbag

For the colourful woman in your life, have a portrait photo of them converted into a bright and alluring pop art picture. Pop art styles do vary but they typically all require the addition of extra colour and the end result can be printed on to a range of items including a high quality leather or vinyl handbag. You can even have text printed on the reverse or choose a second picture to make it even more special and unique.

Portrait Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are just one item of home decor that can be customised with any picture or design. Other items include folding screens, cushions, blankets, and even wallpaper – all of these items make stunning and brilliant unique photo gift ideas for the home lover. You don’t have to use photos, virtually any picture or design will work equally well creating an effective and stunning item.

Unique Photo Gift Ideas

This is just a handful of unique photo gift ideas and there are many other items that can be personalised to include one more of your favourite photos or pictures as well as text and other designs or artwork. Montages and pop art representations can be added to virtually any photo gift to create entirely unique and compelling photo gift ideas.

Source by Sarah Maria Williams

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