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May 9, 2019
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Use the Power of Magento to Increase Your Sales


Everyone wants more conversion from their eCommerce sites. Increased conversion means more sales. More sales mean more revenue. Learn why Magento software is used by 100’s of thousands of vendors to power their eCommerce business. Whether selling goods and services primarily B2B or B2C, the using Magento software helps managers boost sales figures.

Some Key Magento Features

This list illustrates the wide array of options you get using this widely popular eCommerce platform. Just consider some of its advantages:

  • Choose a pre-packaged theme for your site, or custom design one tailored for your site.
  • Manage metadata descriptions more effectively;
  • Integrate Magento easily with other programs, including MailChimp;
  • Enjoy seamless order tracking;
  • Show customers multiple photos of products;
  • Utilize built-in international currency interfaces;
  • Offer a variety of different payment options to your customers;
  • Magento offers a special “Magento Mobile” version;
  • Benefit from intuitive layout and design features making navigation much easier;
  • Magento includes useful shipping and checkout features.

With so many benefits, it’s not surprising that Magento appeals to businesses around the world. Many online companies use this highly effective tool as a way to help gain Search Engine Optimization advantages. Even small sites can benefit from the enhanced conversion rates available with effective Magento integration into existing Customer Management Systems.

Tips For Streamlining

Magento furnishes a broadly-based platform for eCommerce activities. Based on open source code, it also provides entrepreneurs with the advantage of scalability. You can begin by downloading the free version, then upgrade to the Enterprise-level software once you’ve gained proficiency in using the program.

The Magento CMS features assist a wide array of online marketers by enabling even small retailers to make a strong impact. A few sales and marketing tips can help streamline your online sales efforts:

Make It Mobile: Today, you’ll want to ensure that your site loads well in a variety of mobile devices. Even with Magento on board, don’t take this consideration for granted. Test the different versions of your site to ensure they load well in order to optimize your site’s SEO rankings.

Compelling Homepages:Magento can offer valuable marketing and promotional assistance, yet you should optimize the Magento platform by creating a truly inspiring home page. By offering material of interest to customers, you’ll encourage them to return to your site on a regular basis, facilitating sales over the long term.

Master search function:Tweaking your website after the installation of the Magento CMS to enable your customers to use the search function to locate and compare products of interest to them will offer benefits in the long run.

Use Blogs: Promoting your goods and services to customers more easily via blogs with Magento as your platform of choice. Great content available from your site inspires return visitors, helping you develop a loyal following of readers.

Employ User Reviews: Magento sites frequently include insightful user reviews. These segments testify to the popularity of your product. Reviews also furnish customers with helpful information, allowing them to target and refine a search for the best models and versions to meet their specific purposes.

Share on Social Media: You’ll experience few problems sharing your products via social media campaigns when you utilize Magento performance features to help you publicize your inventory. Today, well-crafted social media campaigns often help drive conversion rates upwards.

Maintain an Email List: Even using Magento, you’ll want to include offers to visitors to sign up for inclusion on your email list. Collecting list members furnish demonstrable proof that your company possesses a broad potential sales base. Additionally, you’ll conduct more cost-effective email campaigns by maintaining active opt-in lists.

Change Featured Products Weekly: Magento assists businesses in showcasing featured products. You’ll want to keep this portion of the site updated to promote different items on a regular basis. Variety encourages seasonally-related sales and helps your firm reach a broader target market of customers.

Blog Weekly:The Magento performance statistics will likely benefit from regular blog updates on your site. By furnishing visitors with fresh, new material on a regular basis, you offer guests a tangible reason to keep returning to read your content and review your products and services. Conversion rates tend to increase with repeat visits.

Display Special Offers: Use Magento to display attractive sales offers. Everyone loves a bargain, and your website visitors may become customers sooner when you sweeten sales promotions with discounts and other special purchasing incentives.

Publicize Bulk Pricing: You never know when a prospective customer plans to make a big purchase. Magento sites enable you to promote bulk pricing clearly, so you won’t miss closing the occasional big transactions by focusing narrowly on a myriad of small ones.

Use High-Quality Content: Even using Magento as a marketing platform, you’ll want to monitor your website content to ensure that your material meets consistently high-quality parameters. Taking the time to review this item on a frequent basis helps keep your online presence competitive.

Comparing Magento With Other eCommerce Platforms

Experienced eCommerce companies sometimes utilize more than one commercial marketing platforms, especially if the firm maintains multiple websites for online retailing. Reportedly, open-source Magento compares favorably with other available tools, including the excellent (and very popular) Shopify and WordPress offerings.


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