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Using Commercial Photography to Sell Products

In a world where most, if not all, countries are consumer-driven, the company that promotes its products in the most effective way possible rules over its competition. In making a product known to its target market, many vehicles are used. In the not-too-distant past, companies made use of various means of mass communication like radio, television, magazines and newspapers. As new technologies are introduced, advertising a product has also taken many forms. Today, huge billboards along major highways have become permanent fixtures and are heavily used in advertising. Introducing a product can now also be done with the use of mobile devices and the modern phenomenon called the World Wide Web.

Despite all these innovations, however, there is one type of media that’s still used today and is as effective as it was in the past, and this is the use of still images. Using photographs to convey a message or entice someone to purchase a product or avail himself of a service is still one of the most widely used and most effective ways to advertise. This is why commercial photography is still very much alive. These days, whichever direction you look, especially in an urban area, you’ll see posters, magazines, brochures, or tarpaulins selling something. Even the menu at your favorite restaurant may contain pictures of the meals they offer so you can easily choose the type of food you want to order.

This type of advertisement is effective because a lot of people usually react to visual stimuli. For example, a picture of a glass full of cold soda can easily make a thirsty person even thirstier, so he would instinctively look for something to drink. And there’s a big chance that he’ll look for the soda brand that he saw in the picture. Some pictures do not instantly elicit a reaction, but rather have a subliminal message that would make the viewer eventually seek the product in the future. Oftentimes, celebrities are used in pictures to promote a certain product.

Advertising agencies these days are very creative and clever in coming up with images that would sell a product. Some images even border on being controversial and can sometimes affect the sensibilities of certain groups of people. After all, at the end of the day, it’s about getting the consumer to reach into his pocket and make that all-important purchase.

With the effectiveness of this advertising vehicle and the tons of money it rakes in for businesses, commercial photography is here to stay and society will never get tired of looking at those pictures and will continue spending their money to purchase what’s being promoted there.

Source by Bob L Danner

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