Website Design and Marketing Conversions – It Doesn’t Take a Magician

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Website Design and Marketing Conversions – It Doesn’t Take a Magician


Converting someone isn’t relegated to just religion or politics anymore. You don’t have to be a magician to make it happen either.

All websites serve a purpose, and today more than ever they must cause a conversion. This basically means how you will make your website pay for itself. A conversion can be whatever you want it to be. It is whatever needs to help run your business, from actually making a sale online to gathering information to use in your sales cycle (typical B-to-B website).

The adage of “if you build it, they will come” worked in the movie Field of Dreams. In the world of website design and making conversions, you need to add the caveat “if you build it PROPERLY, they will come.”

When most businesses start building a website, they automatically go with the standard layout in regards to what pages are a ‘must have’ and how the ‘site map’ is constructed. This typically includes the home page, about us page, product pages and contact us pages. This type of website is still useful in any online strategy, but it should only make up one part of an overall web design strategy.

A well designed website must attract attention and draw in traffic from all over the internet. The more traffic you attract, the more popular you seem to the search engines. The more popular they think that you are, the higher they are likely to rank you in the SERPs. So all you have to worry about is generating lots of traffic, right? Wrong, you need to attract traffic, keep them interested and offer them something of value. Just to create high levels of traffic in not enough.

When designing a website and determining what kind of presence you are looking to convey, think about your visitors first. If you make it simple for them, they will make it profitable for you.

Content has a large amount of power on the internet. Content is the primary reason any visitor reaches your website. Your content looked promising and seemed to offer them something of value. Good content can help you a great deal with your search engine optimization efforts for your website.

What you need to do is to make sure that your content is relevant. Your content needs to be relevant to your audience, your services or products, your website and the time it is published. You cannot hope to generate interest and increase conversions with old and outdated news and irrelevant information.

Leverage the full potential of up-to-date technology platforms. The biggest design mistake made by most website designers and site owners is to treat search engine optimization (SEO) as an afterthought, rather than a main component of the design process. By thinking about SEO before a site is created, site architecture should be based on what the target audience searches for.

Consider designing landing pages. Landing pages are just that, a page that based on a specific search is the page that the visitor lands on. A landing page can be a page in your site (not the home page) or a dedicated page hosted independently of your site. Landing pages are a big piece of the internet marketing puzzle and a big part of being successful in your internet marketing agenda.

Let’s say you’re an online clothing store that sells a range of different products, including men’s shirts, ladies dresses and children’s rompers… and you have a website where people can buy them from. You pay for targeted keywords, such as ‘buy men’s shirts’ and ‘buy children’s rompers’ and send all the traffic to the home page of your website.

If the person that typed in ‘buy men’s shirts’ doesn’t see men’s shirts on the first page they are redirected to after they click on the ad, there is a much lower chance that they will convert to a sale. If, on the other hand, they click on the ad and are then taken to a page where they buy men’s apparel, there will be a much higher chance of them buying the shirt… leading to higher conversions and lower cost per customer acquisition.

If you follow these steps you are sure to see in upswing in order conversions and an increase in return on investment.

Dream it. Build it. Then wave your magic marketing wand and watch the increase in conversions happen.


Source by Grace OMalley

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