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May 9, 2019
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What Are the Uses of UAV Photography?

Do you think that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are only for the Army and recreational use? Then think again, as UAV photography is becoming increasingly popular for an array of reasons.

As the use of drones and UAVs in both commercial and recreational markets has risen, so too has the number of industries, businesses and individuals requiring UAV photography to assist in their various tasks and projects.

So what are the different uses of UAV photography?

Events and marketing

Having aerial footage of an event can create a stunning shot, whether this is from a commercial marketing event, or a more personal occasion, such as a wedding. Showing the mixture of colors and surroundings, you can capture your everything in one crisp photography shot.

Likewise, if you are after some new material for a company website or flyer, then UAV photography from a recent event can provide an eye-catching background, or featured image.

Real estate

UAV photography is being used within the real estate segment to an increasingly greater extent, as realtors and homeowners seeking to find new ways of improving the appeal of their homes.

An aerial shot taken from the home and grounds provides a holistic view of the property you are buying and can be a superb marketing tool, particularly if the house comes with surrounding land, as this can also be captured in the photo.


One area that is starting to use UAV photography at an increasing rate is the construction industry. With a variety of different uses, having aerial photography allows an easy and ongoing assessment of a current work project.

Combined with this, a scheduled project will allow a construction company to show visual footage of the development to investors and others involved in the project, helping to bring to life what words and diagrams are often unable to do.

Pipeline and highway construction are specific areas of construction where UAV photography has really taken off, and with other areas looking to follow suit, it could well be the norm to see UAVs at most major construction sites.

Environmental and emergency assessments

Particularly useful for environmental assessment and emergency management, UAV photography can be setup and taken in a matter of minutes, allowing you to have real-time, or recent footage to help aid with any emergencies that may be occurring.


Agriculture is another industry that has been taking an increasing interest in UAV photography, which is no surprise when considering the amount of area that is often managed by farmers and companies.

In having a top down view of their land, agricultural workers are able to quickly and easily classify vegetation and crop stress, helping to analyze where the use of additional water or agro-chemicals should be undertaken.

UAVs can also help identify the start and extent of any diseases, or pests that may affect their crops, helping to proactively protect their resources. Along with this, it can be used to monitor growth rates among crops, providing predictions of the yield for that year.

Source by Matt Smith

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